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Deer and Jerky

How can beware of deer signs be so accurate?  Deer — next 3.46miles.  If they can predict their whereabouts with that kind of accuracy, why can’t they just build the roads around them?  Same thing with the signs that say … Continue reading

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Non-Alcoholic Lemonade and a Side of Shattered Self-Esteem

I hear things when I eat. At restaurants I eavesdrop study human nature by listening to the people around me. At home, human nature is shoved in my face as Laylee talks and talks her way through each meal. I … Continue reading

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I saw this today and thought of Blackbird. She was the first blogger with real live human non-immediate-family-member readers who linked to my site. We were tight for awhile but like blogging friends tend to do (Except of course me … Continue reading

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Stupid Day for Jerks

Today was not the best day ever. Parts of it were good. Some parts were very good. But it was kind of like a Polly Pocket gift set. THERE WERE TOO MANY PARTS. Between the hours of 5:30am and 7:30pm, … Continue reading

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If Only I Weren’t So Organized

I started listening to Christmas music yesterday. We try to listen to religious music on Sundays and what’s more religious than the birth of the Savior? No, I’m not rationalizing, mom. It was a very uplifting Sabbath. It sort of … Continue reading

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The Karate Kid — A Retrospective

Trapped in a house full of munchkins with a sinus headache and feeling decidedly less than lerious, I am reminded that I have yet to do a movie review of The Karate Kid. I’m worried that once the night-time cold … Continue reading

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