If Only I Weren’t So Organized

I started listening to Christmas music yesterday. We try to listen to religious music on Sundays and what’s more religious than the birth of the Savior? No, I’m not rationalizing, mom. It was a very uplifting Sabbath.

It sort of spilled over to today. The music wants to be played and who am I to stop it?

So, I got to thinking. I generally try to restrain myself from decorating until the day after Thanksgiving. But this year because of family in town, I won’t be able to decorate until a FEW DAYS AFTER Thanksgiving. I know. It’s horrifying, really. So my thought is that I need to decorate before the Thanksgiving festivities begin.

That means I should do it on Friday. But I’ll be so busy getting ready all week. I think I have to do it today so I can relax and clean the house for the holiday (the one with the pilgrims). I promise not to put the wreath on the door, decorate a Christmas tree or light the outside lights until after Thanksgiving…much.

Are we still friends?

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32 Responses to If Only I Weren’t So Organized

  1. Melessa says:

    I’m usually fanatical about NO CHRISTMAS UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING. But for some reason this year I cant’ wait to decorate, watch the specials, listen to the music, etc…So yeah, we’re still friends.

  2. CeCe says:

    Dec 1st is my decorating day. And I can’t wait! I live in Canada, so decorating right after Thanksgiving would be a little… um…early. All of my decorations are ready though. In stacked totes in the house (out from under the house) and waiting for Dec. 1st to roll around.

  3. allysha says:

    I guess so. But really, if you could just hold out a few days….really it won’t be too bad. I adore Christmas. Love it, love it. But I think that Thanksgiving deserves it’s day. And then jump in. So, if it’s holiday decorating, okay, but if it’s really Christmas decorating well, I may protest a small bit.

    That said, if friendship is based on leaves and needles, real or fake, strung around a room with baubles of various colors and shapes hung on them, then maybe it’s not much of a friendship. So I’ll still like you.

  4. Mary says:

    Hey, we started listening to Christmas music yesterday too! It was cold out, cozy inside, and a Sunday…it just seemed like the right thing to do, you know?

  5. Josie says:

    I’ve been reading you for a while and after reading this post, I couldn’t help but to comment. I’ve been listening to Christmas music for two weeks and have BARELY restrained myself from decorating. But hey, since your doing it, I can rationalize it to my sweetie why I am too!

  6. Melissa says:

    I am so nervous to be posting…I’m a HUGE fan DYM. I read daily, sometimes I read your posts a few times, but I never thought I would post! I feel like I am meeting a rock star or a movie star doing this. With that said…I put up Christmas last week, and I love it. I never do it before Thanksgiving, but this year I could not resist. I usually set up the day after Thanksgiving, so really it was only 2 weeks early. I broke out the yummy Christmas smelling candles, my Clay Aiken Christmas CD and went to work. My husband said Thanksgiving needs its decorations up, but I don’t think Thanksgiving will mind being red, gold, green, and Santa-y at my house!!
    Well, that is how I feel about the situation. You could set up Christmas in August and I would still be your fan!

  7. Julie Q. says:

    I’m of the opinion that Amy Grant’s Christmas albums deserve more than 30 days a year so I have no other choice but to crack open the Christmas boxes to sneak out the CDs. And if a few other things fall out… it’s not my fault.

  8. Valarie says:

    Do we really just have one more week until Thanksgiving? I broke out the Christmas music this week too, but I was thinking I was earlier than just over a week. Yikes. I am so not organized. Good thing I’m not hosting anyone.

  9. I’ve been listening to BNL’s “Barenaked For the Holidays” for quite some time now, mostly due to my children’s love for their version of “Jingle Bells”. I swear that’s the only reason. That, and I love listening to a CD with “Barenaked” in the title.

    I would be puking Christmas all over my house right now too, except it’s all in storage and we’re leaving next week for Utah. Only after we get home can I decorate… sigh… I envy you.

  10. HLH says:

    yah, last week we listened to Ella Fitzgerald croon on about the sliegh bells jinglen’

  11. I’m so right there with you! If my tree wouldn’t be brown pinecone of a fire hazard by Christmas, I would have it up now!

  12. Kage says:

    Seriously been bit so early this year. You would think I would be sick of it since I have been recording Christmas music since May, but I am so not…we blasted a mix of 4 different Christmas cds today while we colored in christmas trees for “homemade” invitations for my daughter’s class. I have wanted to put the tree up for the past week. we are still friends

  13. I’m okay with a little early holiday decorating. What I have a problem with is the people who leave it up beyond Easter.

  14. geminishadow says:

    every year I try to come up with some reason to decorate early, but none ever seem good enough
    Thanksgiving is such a bummer cause its hard to find many decorations so the house seems so plain when it could look so festive!!! I say if you’ve got a good reason why the heck not! I want to, but still haven’t thought of why I should…

  15. Karen says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for months and I swear you’re rubbing off on me! I started my christmas music obsession yesterday afternoon when I found one of those random “country christmas favorite” cds left in the car. It’s amazing how Christmas music stays so great year after year and just doesn’t get old!

  16. surcie says:

    I started listening to Christmas music today–specifically Dean Martin. I’m trying to get myself in the mood to shop, but it just isn’t happening! Maybe I need some eggnog.

  17. Tess says:

    I normally am way early on the Christmas music stuff, but I don’t even feel like it’s much past Labor Day… but you go with your decorating bad self.

  18. Stephanie says:

    Okay, this is so funny, because I too was thinking to myself just the other day, “what would be so wrong if I decided to start doing Christmas decorating today?” Nothing. Nothing at all.

  19. Autumn says:

    I leave for two hours and come home to find our Christmas tree all set up with it’s lights shining. My husband has Christmas fever so bad. I’m afraid it might be contagious.

  20. Amanda says:

    I love it! I think I will be getting my christmas music out today. You’ve inspired me.

  21. Sarah says:

    Hehe, I love reading the comments and seeing so many who, like me, are already getting in the mood for Christmas. It must be something about this year that is causing so many to get “Christmasy” before Thanksgiving. I’ve been listening to Christmas music for over a month now. 😀 Maybe it’s due to all the years of choir when we started singing Christmas songs in Sept or early Oct. Hmmm. At any rate, enjoy the music!

    (It’s my first time commenting here as well. I’ve been enjoying your blog for about 2 months now.)

  22. Michelle says:

    Yea, if we had a fake tree the kids would want it up on Labor Day but as it is, we cut ours down in an Official Christmas Tree Kill that has to be in December so they’re forced to wait. Good thing too because this year I’ve been swamped with other things.

  23. Mom2Six says:

    There must be something in the air this year. I’ve had this urge to wrap Christmas presents for the lasr couple of weeks.

  24. Jen says:

    Don’t mean to be a Scrooge here, but I am standing firm on my convictions that there must be no Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. After the turkey is gone, by all means deck those halls. Before? The answer is no. (But I’ll still be your friend:) )

  25. Cousin Deb says:

    I usually pencil in December 1st as my Christmas decorating day, but this year I am finding it hard not to start sooner. I decided that this year was the year I would have a real fireplace mantle to hang the stockings on. So Sean built a fireplace surround yesterday to frame out our gas fireplace and the mantle will be done this weekend. How can I not hang stockings this weekend? Besides, Canadian Thanksgiving is done. That makes Christmas free game…right????

  26. Thank goodness Melissa finally figured it out. I am very much like a rock star. I sing ALL the time. There is frequently vomit on my shirt, though not alcohol induced and not my own and I am surrounded by super-cute people.

    Jen – I’m glad we’re still friends.

    Cousin Deb – Thanks for reminding me about the Canadian Thanksgiving angle. Let the true rationalising begin.

    Everyone else – My husband says I’m horrible for corrupting the internet. I figure I’ve only corrupted 10 or 20 people. That’s not bad, eh?

  27. KIP says:

    Um, decorating for Christmas in November? Some years I’ve actually done it on Christmas eve!

  28. tori says:

    I have lurked here many times, but never commented. I always put up our stuf the week before Thanksgiving. We do Christmas at Thanksgiving with my family, so that is my official excuse, but I think I’d do it anyway. I am almost done shopping for Christmas already too…that usually makes people mad.

  29. sarah hart kingston says:

    Bam, bam, CHRISTMAS TREE!!

  30. grammyelin says:

    I say, “You do what makes you happy!” I’ll love you forever decorations or not!

  31. Michelle says:

    Put up some extra decorations for me. We are in the middle of a big move and we just packed up all of our stuff this weekend and won’t settle again until Mid January. It is killing me that I can’t decorate this year! I was so sad the other day my husband rented Miracle on 34th Street to bring some Christmas into the house! So, I say decorate away!

  32. Jessica says:

    Try to relax and have fun and enjoy the holidays! 🙂

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