Kafrin Lafrin Bitsy Thompson Laylien

Laylee has made peace with the concept of death in fishes.  She just told me that when JackAgain dies, we will have to get a new fish and we will name her Kafrin Lafrin Bitsy Thompson Laylien.  This name I like. 

It’s sort of a relief to think that if we do get pregnant again, Laylee will be there to come up with a name and all Dan and I will have to worry about will be minor details like food, shelter and post-partum cocktails.  Just trifles, really.  Maybe by then, the pills will come in fruity flavors and then we’ll have one less thing on our minds.

Laylee really wants us to have a girl baby, possibly tonight.  Last week she told me that she was gonna remind Jesus to send us one and then tonight she said, “Aren’t we lucky that we’re gonna get a girl baby?!”

Me:  Well, that’s up to Heavenly Father if he wants to send us one sometime.
Laylee:  I think he’s building it RIGHT NOW!
Me:  Well, after he builds it, he’s gonna have to figure out a way to get it into my tummy or it will never grow big enough to come out and play.
Laylee:  How’s it gonna get out?
Me:  The doctor will take it out.

Laylee then described an Aliens-worthy scenario involving a gaping wound and the attachment of a large flap of skin to make my tummy all better.  Very reassuring.

The conversation quickly turned to other things, like how Tuesday’s her BALLERINA CLASS WITH MISS MICHELLE and then her head exploded so I’ll have to update you on her health and whether I was able to find a skin flap big enough to put it all back together in time for her dancing debut.

I really hope she likes the class.  Just the thought of her in that leotard with 14 other 3-year-olds in ballet and tap shoes leaping around like adoreable spazoids makes me dry-heave from the unbearable cuteness.  I’m almost as excited as she is.

reasons:  white sailboats on a blue Lake Washington summer day, fat cheeks resting on the shoulders of a sleeping toddler, ballet shoes the size of a Vlasic stacker, Dan reading jokes from the Reader’s Digest

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  1. Sketchy says:

    Oh well, that’s one less thing to worry about when baby girl daring arrives. I mean seriously, won’t you have enough to do? Plus that is one great fish name, she obviously has a gift for the subject matter.

    PS: At my daughter’s first ballet lesson the teacher had to draw the blinds because all us mommies and daddies were so annoying revelling in the cuteness. Try to be slightly less obnoxious that and you will be OK. 🙂

  2. Tigersue says:

    Don’t you love explianing things to kids.

  3. Oh my, my husband Jeremy and your Laylie think a lot alike. He thinks someone should invent some sort of velcro flap on the belly so the babies can be pulled out and then the stomach just sticks back together. Great idea, huh? See why I do homebirth?! 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness! Laylee as a ballerina! Waaaahhoooo! 🙂

  5. Tess says:

    I hope hope hope you post a pic of her in her preshus little ballet outfit.

  6. Traci says:

    My 3yo keeps saying that he wants a “sister baby.” Told the Primary teacher we were getting one. Yeah, thanks. Um, no. I think he understands now that it’s not imminent, because he told me the other day that the stores are all out of babies, so we can’t get one. Hmmm. I do envy the chance to observe spazoids in tutus, though. Maybe when the stores restock sister babies.

  7. After having two boys, I finally have a little girl baby! She’s not old enough yet, but when she is, bring on the ballet slippers!

  8. Awwwwww! This whole post is cute, cute, cute. Sounds like Laylee will be a wonderful big sister to the new girl baby, whenever she’s “built.”

    Hee hee @ “The doctor will take it out.”

  9. Glo says:

    I’ve always thought the world would be a bit more amusing and creative if we let 3-year-olds control the naming and process descriptions of all things. Nothing seems as dire when it’s flagrantly presented in all its post-toddler glory. Using the bathroom, dying, birth, surgery…even the common cold…they just feel less daunting when you hear it from someone pint-sized who doesn’t even know the word SCIENCE let alone have a rational expression for the details of human existence.

    Long live the post-toddler!

  10. EmLouisa says:

    She will be crushed if it is a boy. I can’t wait to hear all about the tutu frolicking!

  11. surcie says:

    Does the Postpartum Cocktail have a tiny Japanese umbrella in it? I’m sure I could’ve used one of those.

  12. sarah hart kingston says:

    Good idea, having Laylee think of the names. I’ve tried the same with Noah. Although he is a very intelligent 4-year-old, he does not necessarily grasp the concept of naming humans. I asked him a few months ago what we should name our forthcoming, if it should turn out to be a girl. He said, “Ladder!” After another couple of months, his response was, “Sparkly!” When I asked him why Sparkly, he said, “Because girls like sparkly things.” Other suggestions have been, “Cinderella,” “Noah,” “Diamond,” I can’t think of all the rest.

    Well, we still don’t have a definite pick. I’m particularly fond of Cinderella.

  13. Becca says:

    I like the way kids think when it comes to names. For our last boy baby, the frontrunners were ‘Baby Moses’ and ‘Baby Jesus’. Oh, and from the 2 year old–Paprika was her hands down favorite.

    Can’t wait to see the pics of Laylee in the tutu. My girlies start ballet next week, and they can hardly contain themselves.

  14. HLH says:

    I love how they think babies can just appear at will when they want them. My 4-year old told me a month ago that babies can be boys and girls and that he wanted me to have one of each tomorrow. Ha, Ha, I said. I don”t think so…

    POST BALLET PICTURES!! I may or may not ever put my duaghter in ballet, but for now I want to revel in your daughters cuteness!

  15. cheeriobutt says:

    I love the way you describe regular everyday happenings! It’s so captivating and hilarious!

  16. Goslyn says:

    Love it. That’s quite a name that Miss Laylee has picked out. Can’t wait to hear all about the adorable tutu-ballerina cuteness. Whee!

    On another note, you and your floating head SERIOUSLY have got to stop showing up in my dreams. I mean, really. If you wanna meet, send me an email, k? But enough with the dreams. Check my blog in a bit and read all about it.

  17. Mary Tsao says:

    Another three-year-old in a tutu! I can’t stand all of the cuteness.

    Also, hurrah for postpartum cocktails. I’m still in that phase.

  18. Nettie says:

    Vlasic Stacker size ballet shoes? Could you just DIE from the cuteness?!

  19. Neila says:

    I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough to start ballet!

    By the way, if I had relied on my son for a name recommendation, my daughter would be named Shrek.

    At least since I had a C-section, that made explaining how she came out much easier. I dodged a bullet hopefully for a couple of years!

  20. Margaret says:

    When I was a kid we named our dog Paisley Renfru Quint Deca Alowishus (+ our last name) of Woodhaven (our neighborhood). Every ONE of those names had special significance for OUR dog.

  21. Caryn says:

    Building a baby–that’s one way to put it. And a good one, too. Love her naming suggestion, too!

  22. Cute 😀
    When does Laylee get to give talks in Primary? that’s go to be the cutest (beisdes her ballerina debut) event ever.

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