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Some Ways to Help Now

Julie Meulemans has posted some great ways you can directly help the survivors and families affected by last week’s unspeakable events. Please pop over there and see if there’s something you can do.

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What do you do when the world seems full of darkness? Fill it with light. I had the talk with my kids today – the “bad people exist and there’s nothing we can do about them but there’s something we … Continue reading

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Rejection Letters

I’ve been thinking a lot about rejection lately. I’ve been shopping my novel around to agents and they’ve been telling me, “No thank you.” I expected to be rejected repeatedly before finding someone who wanted to represent me but it … Continue reading

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What Do you Need to Know?

When a boy from our local junior high was arrested for planning to kill several students and teachers, the school district decided not to inform the school’s parents. [read more at]

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Being Fragile

Something happens to me after a baby is born. If you’re a mother, it’s probably happened to you too. I suddenly feel like the world around me is breakable, myself, my family made of shatter-resistant glass that’s fully capable of … Continue reading

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Tired, Sore and Hungry… for Babies

I’ve been feelin’ a wee bit tired of late but I really shouldn’t be. Wanda sleeps beautifully. She eats beautifully. Most nights she sleeps around 14 hours with only one feeding in the middle. The problem is scheduling. She goes … Continue reading

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