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Rachelle Moves Up Two Categories

In a stunning comeback, leaping two categories from Tragic Excuses straight up to the Hall of Fame, Rachelle has now been added to the Tattoo Parlor as part of her official coming out party…   She took a bunch of drugs.  She … Continue reading

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Kathryn’s Weekend BlogHer Tattoo Parlor

I “borrowed” a handful of washable tattoos from the mommybloggers at BlogHer this summer and mailed them out to about 30 of you.  These 30 swore by blood oath to send me pictures of themselves wearing said tatts.  Here are the … Continue reading

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BlogHer — Not a Social Club

Why did I go to BlogHer?  Here’s part of the essay I wrote to the mommybloggers, applying for their scholarship, without which I would not have been able to attend:

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Not Much to See Here

Well, I try to cover it up most of the time. We are really working on our religious punctuality right now. We have been really working on it for… going on 4 years. We improve a little and then we … Continue reading

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