On Magoo’s Mind – The Crushing Weight of Monarchical Responsibility

We’ve been going to Costco for the past 11 years lately and each time we go, we have to get our receipt “checked” by the receipt checking person at the exit. They don’t really check. But they are good with a marker. They look searchingly, even longingly into your eyes, swipe the marker down the receipt, and hand it back to you. Sometimes they mumble, “Have a good day.” Usually they seem to mean it.

I love Costco. They have lunch for $1.50 and ice cream bars as big as your head, if you’re into that sort of thing and… A NEW CAR!

Now if you are under the age of, say, me, and you hand them a receipt, it is unwritten or perhaps written Costco policy that the employee must draw a picture on the back of the receipt, unless you’re that guy in the blue polo shirt who hates fun and the laughter of babies. All other Costco employees will draw a smiley face if Wanda or Laylee or Magoo hands them the receipt.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve seen these drawings escalate to the point that I think you need to have previous experience as a caricature or police sketch artist in order to do the receipt checking at Costco. Lately, they always draw pictures of my actual kids, sometimes with cat ears or a pig nose or holding a balloon, but the pictures have gotten very elaborate.

Today, I was with Wanda and Magoo and we got this:


It is Wanda as a princess, obviously, and Magoo as a prince.

Wanda: Look Magoo! I’m a princess and you’re a prince. It’s so NICE!

Me: Thank you for checking to make sure I got both cartons of free-range brown-because-brown-eggs-make-me-better-than-you eggs listed on my receipt, except, wait, you didn’t look at the front part of the receipt because you were creating the greatest Costco receipt sketch of all time.

Wanda: You’re like a PRINCE!

Magoo (shaking his head and rolling his eyes with an exhausted sigh): If they asked me to be a real prince, I would never do it, and not just because it’s embarrassing. You have to make so many choices about so many things. No way.

So, today, in the parking lot of our fair Costco, Magoo pre-abdicated the throne. I’m not sure what to do about this. He is my only son. But the crushing weight of monarchical responsibility has obviously weighed heavily upon his mind for some time now. He had his answer ready without a moment’s pause. It will not be he who ascends to the Thompson throne. We must seek another.

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3 Responses to On Magoo’s Mind – The Crushing Weight of Monarchical Responsibility

  1. Awesomemom says:

    Wow your Costco is extra fancy. We only get the general run of the mill smiley faces. My 4 year old gives the stink eye to anyone that forgets and will stand there waiting until he gets his drawing.

  2. Dan says:

    “and not just because it’s embarrassing.”

    That kid cracks me up.

  3. I agree with AwesomeMom, your Costco sounds like more fun than mine. Yours probably has the garlic bread still that got discontinued at mine 🙂

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