Michael Phelps Method of Induction

Today I went to the pool and tried to Michael Phelps the baby out but she didn’t fall for it. 30 minutes of hardcore lap swimming left me tired and did manage to cause one contraction but I hardly think I can justify driving to the hospital and telling them I’m in labor based on just the one.

Magoo started preschool. So cute, so proud, I tell you. He clutched his little backpack straps and was all business as he went in and came out of the school. Normally when he goes to a play date or his little church class, I cannot drag any details out of him. Today he was all about the details, what they did, what they ate, what playground equipment they have, which kid misbehaved. He is BURSTING with excitement.

Or course it’s no surprise that Laylee’s SO happy to be back in school.
DSCN0061oscar first day 002
I’m thinking of Tweeting updates when I go into labor, whether I go on my own or get induced. It’s mostly for my family. I think the majority of people living on the interwebs do not care about every single living detail of my birth process but my family will appreciate the updates and if you care to find out, you can hit refresh on my site and watch under Twitter Updates or you can go to my twitter feed at Twitter.com/KathrynDaring. It’s very likely that the updates will be – “Headed to the hospital” and then I’ll forget to post anything from my phone and then “Had the baby two days ago. Must sleep.” But that’s something, right?

For now, I’m livin’ large with Dan and the peeps and waiting for Wanda to get squished out.

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16 Responses to Michael Phelps Method of Induction

  1. Heffalump says:

    You made your show! Yay!
    You also look CUTE…I never looked so cute when I was pregnant. Heck, I don’t look that cute NOW!

  2. Carrie says:

    Happy first day of school to the kids. Love the pictures of all of you- you’re all adorable!

  3. allysha says:

    That picture of you is fab. I love the dress. Really, you look great!

  4. Nancy says:

    That Meriaton got me to come back and read your blog—way to go Meriaton! Darling picture of you guys in front of Wicked–here’s to hoping I can get my hubby to take that picture too! Glad Mr. Magoo enjoyed preschool–the girlies in my car after pick up were most excited as well…talking their heads off. I just hope the disobiedent kid Magoo refered to wasn’t mine!!

  5. fugaler says:

    Looks like you got to go to your show- that’s a plus right? I’m done being pregnant also- let’s get this show on the road right? 😉

  6. Mother of the Wild Boys says:

    Such cute pictures…and the Michael Phelps reference? Awesome! 🙂

  7. Holly says:

    Glad you got to go to the show. I hope the baby spontaneously decides to be born soon. Either that, or else the hospital spontaneously decides to shoo everyone else out of the way and give you their finest suite and a free induction on any day of your choosing. That’d be acceptable. They should include an ice cream sundae as a reward for having to wait so long.

  8. Ashley says:

    You look so cute! I’m so glad you got to see Wicked at the Paramount. . I’m going in October and can’t wait!!!

    Please stop by my blog and enter some fun giveaways. I’ve got a really great one that’s ending today for a kid’s outfit valued at $113! I really need to get some more entries for it, so I’d really appreciate your help! And you have a good chance of winning too!!! 🙂

  9. Honey Mommy says:

    I hope you get to have your baby soon!

    Come on out Wanda!

  10. Diana says:

    You look great! So glad that you got to see Wicked…it is wonderful. Magoo looks so much like his daddy in the picture in this post…beautiful family!

  11. Yay for Twitter! I had my husband twitter my last birth and it was fabulous because it kept him busy and out of trouble. Not once did I get smacked with a hammer this go around.

  12. rebekah says:

    yay! can’t wait for the tweets! wanda, hurry up!

    PS isn’t Wicked A-Mazing?!

  13. grammyelin says:

    Honey, I know you’re not feeling so hot, but you look FABULOUS!!! Very soon, you can still look fabulous, but also thin. Hang in there!

  14. Elise says:


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