Digging Out

Today I moved, I really moved for one of the first times in 4 months. Magoo was at preschool a 20-minute walk from our house and there was a smattering of sun peeking through the clouds.

I was out of breath in less than a block, surprised at how weak and puny and scrawny and pathetic and other words generally used to describe nerdy 7th grade boys I was. But I made it to preschool, sure that Magoo would be enraged when he found he’d need to walk home.

You see, my lay-about lifestyle has become the family lay-about lifestyle and my kids, especially Magoo, are sadly out of shape. Actually, even when I was fit, the kids weren’t all that fit. We’ve spent most of the winter inside and although I’d been going frequently to the gym before the sickness, Magoo doesn’t get much opportunity to get his body moving. I need to be more proactive about it. I didn’t have the pregnancy excuse all winter long but I’m happy to use it now.

He wasn’t that resistant to walking home, until we’d traveled about 50 feet, at which point he asked that we walk home in the car next time. But we pushed forward with little to no choice, up the high hills and even made it to the park for 20 minutes before we had to walk to the bus stop to pick up Laylee.

When I got home, I found I had used every speck of strength and energy I had in my body. I fell asleep, impervious to the mounting disaster that is my home.

I was awakened by the sound of my kids opening the door to one of my dinner co-op buddies. She’s a new co-op buddy and this is only the second time she’s been in my house. The dining room table had dinner dishes from last night stuck to it. The sink was full of filthy dishes, every counter was covered in filth and Magoo led her happily into the kitchen to bring our dinner. But she couldn’t find anywhere to set it down so she stepped over the caked-on spaghetti sauce on the floor and placed our dinner on the cold stove, the only clear place in the room.

I wandered downstairs in a post-nap haze and promised her that although my house had looked like a condemned building the only two times she’d visited, it was the exception, not the norm. (Maybe it’s the norm these last few months but over the course of my lifetime, on average, this is definitely a freakish level of filth that I am in no way comfortable with.) She hugged me and said it didn’t matter and when she left I held back my tears while I read Flylady.com for an hour and then scrubbed the everliving cheese out of my kitchen.

It looks good. And the laundry’s done. For just 30 seconds I considered calling up my friend at 10pm and asking her if she wanted to come over and share some jellybeans… in the kitchen. That seemed like a stupid plan but, unsure of what my house will look like next Wednesday night, I went to get my camera so I could email her a picture of my great feat of progress.

I somehow stopped myself… barely. My kitchen may be clean but that doesn’t make me unpathetic.

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16 Responses to Digging Out

  1. Jeana says:

    Sometimes this whole “living clear across the country” thing really stinks. I would really like to give you a hug right now. In your kitchen. While I pilfer the jelly beans out of your pocket.

  2. grammyelin says:

    Good for you! Exercise, fresh air and a clean kitchen! Things are definitely looking up. I’m happy for you.

  3. Brooke says:

    I love FlyLady. I don’t always do what she tells me to do, but when I do…..I feel so good!

    Congrats on the clean kitchen! I would have come over and had jelly beans with you at any hour! An accomplishment should be celebrated! 😀

  4. Christina says:

    You poor thing. Pregnancy naps are so much more important than scrubbing the kitchen so don’t beat yourself up. At least you cleaned once you had a little more energy! Good for you! It got so bad when I was pregnant that we started eating with paper plates and plastic utensils. Double sinks are a wonderful thing but when I was pregnant it just meant I had more room to stuff the dishes until I could muster up the strength to wash them. Needless to say, visitors were few and far between!!

  5. aimee says:

    Oh man, we’ve all surely been there with the dirty house! And so has your new co-op buddy!! Enjoy the clean kitchen while it lasts!!

  6. You, my dear, are a baby building machine. It takes work, you just don’t see it… but you can feel it. I have had the exact same impulse before– to invite someone back later to see I “fixed” everything– but I’m reminded that when I show up at someone’s house and see it in disarray, it really only gives me relief. I don’t think they’re a loser. And you’re not. And don’t fee like a failure if the kitchen looks like post-war Hiroshima again tomorrow. It just happens.

  7. Just take a picture anyway, and gaze at it longingly before your next (much deserved) nap. Maybe leave it lying around so some little elves will happen upon it and become inspired to help.

  8. Janel says:

    I often avail myself of blogging as a means to explain away my (many) awkward moments. We bloggers are just such a nice, understanding audience. Because we’ve been there, too! There’s nothing better than reading about someone else’s (all too familiar) misfortune, especially when the author is such a clever writer! I love the 50 feet part and walking home in the car!

  9. Heather says:

    You have a rated R bloggie twin!! She feels your pain!!

    Happy Spring!

  10. bananas says:

    if you keep posting so regularly people might start thinking you’re a real blogger.

  11. jk2boys says:

    Sadly, my house USUALLY does look like that…I do currently have an excuse (I just had a baby), but at the same time I feel like such a lazy poop. But I remind myself, BAbysteps baby! My current motto, for cleaning: “anything I do do, is better than it was”. So I try to clean one small area and then I stare at it, to encourage me to do more (later). Oh, and I haven’t said it yet, I don’t think, so I will say it now…CONGRATS on your wee one on the way! Very exciting!

  12. Mrs. M says:

    I’m so impressed that you dug yourself out. I’m pregnant and pukey and poor DH finally dug us out last night. Spent a good several hours doing dishes, etc. I am so grateful to him. He tells me, “You are the best gestator our family ever had! You are doing a great work.” Sometimes it works to make me feel better, sometimes it doesn’t. I totally get the wanting to take a picture so people will believe the house is clean.

  13. Beck says:

    I always comfort myself that the people I want to be friends with aren’t the mean, judgemental, Thy House Shall Be Cleaneth sorts, anyhow. And sick pregnant ladies get a LOT of leeway, REALLY, so try and relax.

  14. Eve says:

    I love Jenny’s comment! I concur. Your creativity has not been squashed by you growing life. I love how he asked if he could walk in the car!

  15. Oh, these things happen. I’m sure she understands =)

    I would have still taken the picture, just to remind myself that once upon a time I did have a clean kitchen.

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