Stop Second Guessing Yourself

stopsecondguesstoddlercoverJen Singer of recently sent me a copy of her new book Stop Second Guessing Yourself – The Toddler Years and I’m really enjoying it’s no-nonsense crash course in raising a child through the crazy times. I’m pretty sure Magoo is officially no longer a toddler although he’s still crazy and I’m getting a bit nervous about heading back into toddler-land a couple of years from now. I’m afraid I will have forgotten everything. Luckily Jen covers just about every topic imaginable in her book. Hopefully it will be like riding a bike and I’ll have no problem slipping back into the power struggles, the messes and the non-stop thrill seeking.

To help with my transition, she wrote me this letter:

Dear Daring Young Mom,

You sure do take your title seriously, because only a daring mom would go for the trifecta — a third baby — especially after you’d successfully navigated the toddler years and were pulling away from all its tantrums and teething and poop. But now? Here you go again.

It’s been a few years since you had a toddler around (which might explain why you’re so cheerfully willing to do this all over again), and it’ll be here soon enough. I just published a book about toddlers, so I’m well versed on all things 1- through 3-year-olds, from the potty training (you’ll be singing about pee again) to the milestones you won’t tell Grandma about (i.e. gets naked to answer the door).

Right now, you’re just waddling behind your older kids, but in about a year or so, you’ll be running after a little one shouting, “Get back here!” and “Stop that toddler!”

Right now, you’re looking forward to that baby smell and all that cuddling, but it won’t be long before you’re putting back all the Tic Tac boxes that your toddler had reshelved under the People magazines at the supermarket.

Right now, you’re thinking about cute “wittle” baby socks, but soon enough you’ll be turning the car back around to go retrieve a Barney light-up sneaker tossed into the intersection.

It’s coming, and you’ll remember it all again as it happens all again. All of it, from the first words to the first big kid underpants, you’ll remember it. And you’ll embrace toddlerhood in all its glory and love your kid, just like you love her/his older siblings. But this time, you’ll think twice about starting all over again, won’t you?

Best of luck,
Jen Singer
Author, Stop Second Guessing Yourself — The Toddler Years

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3 Responses to Stop Second Guessing Yourself

  1. Carrie says:

    Oh, my goodness, this is SO where I am right now – I need this book! 🙂 My son is going to turn 17 months old later this week, and he is starting to live in TANTRUM CITY!! It is ridiculous. 🙂 I know we’ll get through it, and I’m glad it’s ‘normal’. 🙂

  2. Holly says:

    Huh. That was kind of a depressing letter. I’m glad the book is good, though. Life with Kip (that’s the new baby’s blog name, right?) is going to be wonderful.

  3. She obviously invested time into getting to know your site! That alone would convince me to give her book a shot =)

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