Old PeaceLoveMom Advice Column and Giveaway

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Sometime this month I will become old. Older than I’m comfortable with. I really didn’t think turning 30 would be any big thing. Most of my friends are over 30. Dan turned thirty MONTHS ago and I still find myself liking him a great deal. But for some reason as my birthday month crested, I became awash with apprehension about leaving my twenties.

PLM_type_ss_whiteJust last weekend I found myself trying to convince one of my kids’ babysitters that I wasn’t much older than she was. Sad. I am that much older than she is. Text messaging, although useful and fun, is not the fountain of eternal youth.

I didn’t write up one of those “Thirty Things To Do Before Thirty” lists because I figure I’ve already done way more than thirty things in my lifetime so I’ve got it covered.

What I would like is some advice or words of wisdom from Ye of Teh Interweb, young and old, to help me get over this silly fear of the number three and the number zero put together in a certain order when applied to my particular agedness.

What do old people wear?
How should I start fixing my hair? Should I start fixing my hair?
What stores do old people frequent?
How do I get rid of the grey? Should I even bother to get rid of the grey?
When will the wrinkles overtake the adult acne in the battle for my face?
Knee highs?
How should I best console myself on that day of days?

Any advice you have will be helpful. As an incentive to get you commenting and helping me out of a pathetic, non-fly, non-Oprah-approved 30s decade (Didn’t she say 30 was the new 15 or something like that?), I’m giving away a cool shirt from PeaceLoveMom.

GRT03GRI love their stuff and although it definitely could be worn by a woman of my… ahem… maturity, I think I could also wear it and blend in well with the young people. If you haven’t seen their stuff, go check it out. They sent me this awesome thermal to try out for Thanksgiving and they’ll give one of you a free t-shirt just for leaving a comment here. After I choose a winner, they’ll contact you with a few choices from their site in your size and they have all sizes.

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I’ll pick a winner Thursday night so spill your guts. What do I do now that I’m OLD?

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91 Responses to Old PeaceLoveMom Advice Column and Giveaway

  1. Stephanie says:

    Oh, advice about not being old? Always check yourself in the mirror before you leave the house. If you are wearing a mumu and your hair looks like a football helmet, you need to redo some things. 🙂

  2. Goslyn says:

    Happy birthday, Kathryn! I hope the big 3-0 loses it’s fear factor before the party. I understand, though. I turned 28 this year and had a really hard time with that – in fact, I often forget that I’m 28. But that’s ok.

    I think 30 is one of the best decades of life – at least that’s the hope I’m clinging to. You finally have your feet on the ground and feel like you’re going somewhere and accomplishing something, which is amazing.

    But truly, truly, avoid the mom jeans. Wearing jeans that sit low on your hips will keep you sassy and young.

    If you can, make 30 the year for YOU. Do something for yourself – join and gym, take a class at a local college – but carve time out for you.

  3. Keri-Ann says:

    The day I turned thirty, Sarah (then 15 months old) and I ate a half bag of mini marshmallows together. (Her idea.)
    It helped.

  4. Keri-Ann says:

    PS – What day is your birthday??? Should I bring cupcakes to spinning, or would that kinda defeat the purpose? 😀

  5. Fawndear says:

    Holy Cow – You’re Ancient. Yeah, and I’m a fossil. I can’t believe I’m almost a decade older than you.

    My advice – Never grow Up. My favorite relatives never did act their age. Had an Aunt Lou who wore a huge beehive hair-do, cat-glasses, polka-dot suspenders and stripped pants with a personality to match.

    However, under no circumstances must you ever wear polyester! Ugh. or Hoochie Mama clothes.

    Just be yourself and you’ll be grand.


    I have enjoyed my 30s more than my 20s. I enjoy that I know what I’m doing a bit more–kids, discipline, dealing with teachers, filling my calling, negotiating with credit card companies–all that stuff is easier. I spend less time figuring out how to do something or who I am. My adult identity is more set.

    I kind of feel about my 20s the way a high schooler feels about middle school–it’s the same people, the same stuff, but better.

    About wrinkles and acne: go to a dermatologist, who will give you stuff that fixes both.

    About fashion: Yes, you can start wearing a lot of t-shirts and yoga pants–but make them COOL t-shirts and yoga pants.

  7. eve says:

    I feel no differently at thirty-two than I did at 25. Is that bad?
    I think the hard part about getting old is knowing everyone else is aging with you.
    It’s a depressing thought. I try not to dwell.
    Instead I suggest a night out with the girls, maybe work on that elusive novel with someone else who is working on one.
    You could write together while eating buffalo wing doritos and cheesecake.
    Are whatever dessert is you favorite.
    Doesn’t that sound DE lightful?
    Oh, and your friend will make you a party mix.

  8. Funny, I found myself writing about how old I am becoming just yesterday! My current “embracing-the-old” habits include drinking tea, quilting, and playing cribbage. All of these things are FUN, which is probably why old people do them, and we young people just didn’t know what we were missing. My husband wants me to embrace the gray hairs that keep popping up, but I’m having a hard time with it.

    I do think those T-shirts would be cool, even for an almost-old person like myself.

  9. Nancy says:

    What? You’re turning 30??? I’m sorry, but we can no longer be BFF’s….you’re just too old now. But can I still win a free t-shirt? Even though I enter every contest you have and I think this is all a hoax?

    P.S. Once you’re 30, you can still shop at EB

  10. Alisha says:

    Well, now that you’re going to be sooooo old. . . just kidding! Just hang in there!
    Don’t be afraid to pull the grey hairs out!

  11. Jen says:

    Just wait until your my age and 30 will seem so young! (and 31 and 32 and….)

  12. Dawn Z says:

    OLD, your not old, i am older than you and i did two TRI’s this year. So stop that old talk. I say color your hair, go to all those girly movies and hang out with fun friends who say no to old.
    Be young at heart and lie about your age. 🙂 so this birthday i say have a big 30th Birthday party and enjoy the ride. tell your self i am beautiful and i look great and it’s good to be 30th, getting older just means you are wiser.
    Happy 30th birthday.
    Hugs, your 20 something friend.

  13. What do old people wear?


    How should I start fixing my hair? Should I start fixing my hair?

    Wear it in a bun 🙂

    How do I get rid of the grey? Should I even bother to get rid of the grey?

    Yes, you get rid of the gray. I color my own hair since I don’t need/want anything fancy (highlights or such). But I’ve had gray hair since I was 16.

    When will the wrinkles overtake the adult acne in the battle for my face?

    I don’t know, but my acne is hanging on for dear life.

    Knee highs?

    No and no hose, either. OK, this is a generational thing.

    How should I best console myself on that day of days?

    I didn’t have one problem turning 30. I felt that I had spent the first 30 years productively. It really didn’t have any impact on my life. Sorry, I know it can be bring for some. Is your life what you wanted it to be at 30? If yes, celebrate 30 years. If not, make plans to change your life to what you wanted it to be.

    Happy Birthday.

  14. Mrs Lemon says:

    No advice here – I still feel about 23 myself.

    But I’d love a good giveaway 🙂

  15. emily says:

    30. pffft. you’re not going to be old! think how much more awesome you’re 30s are going to be because you learned everything you learned in your 20s!

    now you know how awesome you are – because everyone on the internet tells you so. and the internet DOES NOT lie!

  16. Lynette says:

    I’m two months away from 39, and only two things recently have made me feel old – going out with a bunch of 20-somethings and being the only one not carded, and now hearing you’re only going to be 30! I enjoy your blog and think of us as contemporaries, especially since I have a 3 1/2 year old boy similar to Magoo, so that must mean we’re timeless. The hardest ages for me were 29 and 34, because each one represented one step away from some milestone. I’m less concerned about 40. With each decade, you lose some of the excess crap and gain wisdom and perspective.

  17. Carrie says:

    Cute shirts! Sorry I have no advice about 30- I’m YEARS behind you at 27! 🙂

  18. Tannis says:

    30 is no big deal. I worried about it, until I realized that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be – 2 kids, husband that I adore, house, dog, ALL GOOD! From all appearances, you’re there too. IF you have to work on anything, get a dog for your 30 birthday!
    Now, 40 is another issue. I am DREADING that one. But, I’ve made myself a promise. I will be RIPPED by the time I’m 40. I don’t know if I’ll get there or not, but I know that I’ll be really happy about it if I do! (She said, looking at the warm chocolate chip cookie oozing in her hand) Babysteps, babysteps…

  19. Natalie says:

    I bawled my brains out on my 30th. It was in July. I don’t think it was because of my age, more because I feel like a before picture.

  20. Stacey Tate says:

    Now that you are old you get over yourself and realize it is downhill from here so buy some spanks and start living out all your dreams through your children like the rest of us.

  21. You need to do something incredibly stupid. Like write “Picasso was an artist” in ten-foot high letters with sidewalk chalk in front of your house. Just to prove that age is subjective.

    And see the dermatologist. To ya, know, SEE.

  22. Debra says:

    Kathryn –
    If 30’s the new 15 then I’m 25!
    Have you seen that Mary Englebreit card that shows the little old lady looking at her young reflection in the mirror and it says:
    “We’re always the same age on the inside”.
    It’s true!

  23. michelle b says:

    Never commented before, but I just had to say
    30 is not old! I’m almost 40 and I still have toddlers running
    around my house. 😉 And I refuse to believe that I am “middle-aged” (shudder). I am definitly not old.

    I think you can dress however you want, there is no such thing as too young.

    I’ll bet you rock the peace, love mom shirt. Just stay away from the “mom” jeans though.;)


  24. Lisa says:

    Just sit down and think about all the things you learned this year that you didn’t know before and I bet a million bucks you’ll be glad you don’t have to repeat the year over and you’ll be glad you learned what you’ve learned and that you the big three O.

  25. CoconutKate says:

    First of all, I have no idea what the other comments were since there were 72 of them when I started to comment and if I read them all, I just know I wouldn’t comment. Anyhow…

    Don’t worry about 30. You are only – at most – 2 months older than I and 30 just seems like another birthday. It is though, a reasonable excuse to throw a party or go out for a fancy dinner. Do what you want with your hair and wear whatever clothes you want. I’ve thought about not wanting to be classified as one of “those” women who can’t seem to dress their age, but you know, every one of “those” women I have met were LOTs of fun! So do whatever makes you happy. OR stay 29 forever. I’ve heard its possible.

  26. grammyelin says:

    The best thing about being oldish is that you can wear, say, be do anything you darn well please. I love it. It is so liberating

    I wear my hair in a “younger” style. Why? Because I like it. By the same token, I’m letting it go grey at it’s own chosen pace. Why? Because I couldn’t be bothered doing anything else about it and because I like it.

    I attribute all extra pounds to God – it being his plan to provide a comfy lap for my grandkids.

    If I don’t have the energy to do something (especially something I don’t much like), I give myself a pass. It’s a priviledge of being elderly.

    When I was young, I used to clean my house with wild abandon. Now I spruce it up when it needs it and with my eyesight, it still looks pretty good to me.

    I love every single birthday I get. Every one is one year closer to retirement and this one will get me a Senior citizen discount at the movies. Who could ask for more?

  27. Nicole says:

    I turn 30 in February, so I’ll be lurking in the comments here gleaning tips for myself, too. Because I have nothing but fear of being that old!

  28. Okay. I’m cutting contest entries off here but I’d still love your advice.


  29. Beck says:

    You poor old thing!
    I remember turning 30 – six years ago – and OH THE TRAUMA. Was I going to have to BUY A BLAZER? Would I need to cut my hair? But with a big exception for my 34th year – yuck – all of my 30s have been better than the rest of my life put together.
    You’ll have fun. Your 30s are great. Really.

  30. KYouell says:

    I think you should keep blogging about listening to NKOTB — it sure makes you seem young to me. I’m 43 and the only person I know IRL who was a fan of theirs is 10 years younger than me.

    And thank you, Grammy Elin, for commenting because I think you are the only reader who is older than I. 😉

  31. nichole says:

    to quote someone else ” when did we become the grown ups and how do we make it stop?”
    I associated thirty with my “youth” being over, but for me, My ‘youth” was over when i took the name MOM. You are who you are and it is what it is… a number, and only that.
    Yes, at sometime, we have to dress like grown ups, but that means we look like someone that is capable of caring for children, but we can still do that while being hot sexy mommas!
    now, I must go clean my husbands aftershave out of the carpet, a job created for me by my two year old. she is such a great employer, always making sure i have something to do!

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