Covering all the bases

Overheard recently:

DYM:  Does anyone know where the scissors are?

Magoo:  [drawl]  Nooope. [fast]  I-know-I-know-I-know! [pause]  Whaaaat?


DYM: [putting on Magoo’s elbow pads]  It’s elbow time!

Magoo: I LOOOOVE ebow time!  … Wha’s ebow time?


DYM:  We’re having some bacon for dinner.

Magoo:  I LOOOOOVE bacon! … Wha’s bacon?

Bonus line from Laylee:

Laylee:  It’s a good thing I washed my hands because bacon is hard to fork.


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I am the Daring Young Dad, of course.
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11 Responses to Covering all the bases

  1. All Adither says:

    You have some good material there at your house.

  2. Carrie says:

    Bacon is hard to fork. That, I love.

  3. Donna says:

    Ummmm… Bacon? For dinner? I always thought bacon was supposed to be for breakfast. Pepperoni – now that’s for dinner. Plus which, pepperoni is far easier to fork, if you’re so inclined.

  4. Ree says:

    Bacon *is* hard to fork.

  5. Ha! Yes. I’ve never met anyone to fork bacon.

    Love the ebow line!!

  6. surcie says:

    Your daughter, she is wise.

  7. Faith says:

    I think bacon is hard to fork too!

  8. Valerie says:

    LOL!! That’s great!!

    Laylee’s right, bacon is hard to fork!

    My son thinks he has ebows, too.

  9. Oh – I love overheard conversations from the kiddoes. Nothing better….I need to be writing them down like you so I don’t forget them.

  10. Yes, bacon is hard to fork. That’s so cute!

  11. FarmWife says:

    We often have bacon for dinner. It’s one of the 4 major food groups. Mac & cheese, Bacon, Grapes, and Granola bars.

    I love the “I Looooove ______…..what’s ______?” quotes. We get those all the time around here. “Yahoo! It’s root canal time!! I Loooove root canals! What’s a root canal, Mom?” OK, so my kids teeth aren’t that bad……

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