By Any Other Name

What strange names do you call your kids’ food so they will eat it? We’re talking about creative nomenclature over at Parenting today.

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  1. Shelly says:

    At our house chicken nuggets = chicken cookies. Yes, our children are those strange creatures who (at one point) refused to eat chicken nuggets. So we started calling them chicken cookies. Yeah, it’s been two years since we’ve started that and it still grosses me out that we refer to them in that way.

  2. Jillian says:

    Wow great topic. I have tried giving my 3 year old’s food special names, but he just does not go for it. Broccoli of course was trees. I am sure there were others, but my mom brain fails me. On thing I also tried was telling him his food would make him strong like Spider man if he ate it. Nope he was not fooled, I mean who is this kid. Now on the other hand he has been calling Kraft Mac & Chees by “Spider man noonas for as long as I can remember. Why? Well because Spider man at one point like two years ago adorned the box.

    Something else I have tried though is to cut his food into interesting shapes. This I have had some small success with. Nothing like a grilled cheese cut into about 20 tiny squares. Oh the things we will do to get a kid to eat.

  3. We have a lovely frozen custard stand in our burg, and when the children were smaller we told them if they were good, they could eat spinach, which was the code for custard. They soon caught on of course, but now that they are all grown or nearly grown, they still talk about getting spinach. Always eat your veggies, kids!

  4. My son went through a strange period where he was turning away all food he had already eaten in his lifetime.

    That left me struggling, so I had to come up with unique names for all the foods I normally buy. “Um, this is…um….not carrots, no. It’s orange…blinks….You’ve never heard of orange blinks? They are the best. Very good for your eyesight”

    Then I would shoot daggers at any adult clueless enough to walk in and announce that the carrots look delicious. Ugh!

  5. Nikki says:

    You are a genius, you are my hero, and you are everything I hope to be when I grow up to be a parent.

    BTW, can I get your “ham soup” crockpot recipe?

  6. kittyhox says:

    Our two year old started referring to any round cracker as a “cookie.” “C is for Cookie” is his favorite song. So we buy whole wheat crackers and let him think they are “cookies.” He likes them more than real cookies anyway!

  7. Holly says:

    This is from a long time ago, but when my mom was a little girl her mom called liver “full of joy”. When friends at school complained about having to eat liver, my mom would say, “we never have to eat liver, but there’s this awful stuff called ‘full of joy’…”.

  8. Kristy says:

    broccoli: magic trees
    multi-vitamins: vitamin candy
    lettuce: Oscar the Grouch
    sandwich: whatever US state it looks like (he loves the states)

    Basically we just try to get him to laugh so his mouth opens. 🙂

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