Usskusting (Magoo’s Pronunciation)

Join me at the Parenting Post today where I ponder the question, “Why do these delightful young people have such a fascination with all things gross and disgusting?” [read more]

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2 Responses to Usskusting (Magoo’s Pronunciation)

  1. Amanda says:

    Hello. When I read your post I just had to laugh. The things kids do! I have a 3 1/2 year old boy and he keeps me wondering what is on his little mind. However at the same time, he is soooo darn smart. When we go fishing I watch how easy it is for him to rip the worms into smaller peices but he wont touch the fish. It is just funny. I also have a daughter but thankfully she is only 3 months. I am a little worried about when she start getting a little more mobile!

  2. erinbeth says:

    i LOVE “usskusting”!

    all 3 of my kids pronnounced it “ex-gusting during their toddler years and every once in a while it will still pop up again in conversation. that and the word “ne-know”, which was my 2 year old daughter’s pronnunciation of “i don’t know”. it’s so much easier to just blurt out a “ne-know” than admit to an “i don’t know”.

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