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Violence and Disneyland

We just got back from a fabulous Disneyland vacation. Magoo didn’t vomit all over the hotel room and Laylee didn’t get a 103 degree fever and wake me up every 20 minutes all night long. I did break one of … Continue reading

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I’m too dependent on praise. I want someone to pat me on the head and say “Good girl!” I want to feel that people like me and that they think I’m doing a good job. [Read More at Parenting]

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Betcher Bottom Dollar That Today…

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Thank you all for your comfort, ideas and cyber hugs yesterday. It’s amazing what good a little time, sleep, perspective and chocolate chip cookie dough will do. I got a recommendation from my doctor for another naturopath she trusts and … Continue reading

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Mobile Medicine

I’m a little glum today folks. Okay. A lot glum. Wallow with me for a moment before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. Magoo turns 3 this summer. He’s a big fat ball of toddleric cuteness and I … Continue reading

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Free Stuff

There’s a great giveaway for people in the Portland/Seattle area over at

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