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I Love the Northwest

… but I just did it again! Can I get an empathetic cringe across the interwebs?

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Millet, Groats and Child Labor

I’m not sure if this is because she’s particularly industrious or because she thinks that if she helps in the kitchen chocolate chips might fall serendipitously into her mouth. [read more at Parenting]

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Guess What We Had for Snack Today

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Somebody Moved the X

My brain is singing today. It is filled with the joy that is sunshine in the middle of a Seattle winter. It is dancing and tripping and gurgling in the spittle of its own giddy Vitamin-D-overdosed hysteria. Did you ever … Continue reading

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He falls asleep cupping my cheek with his pudgy little hand, tiny contented snores escaping his nose, his lips fluttering and sucking in search of his long lost friends, my breasts. Calmed by his warmth, I think about my latest … Continue reading

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Over at Parenting I’m talking about surprises. For Valentine’s Day I was surprised with a fabulous day of love, topped off with a nice case of food poisoning. Dan and I are both laying around in yorchville today and I’m … Continue reading

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