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crazy-faceToday I overheard a man on his cell phone, asking his friend if he had “arterial” motives. Maybe his friend was a little too concerned about his own cardiovascular health.

Laylee says her stuffed bear Eddie is starting preschool next week. I asked if he was excited and she said “I don’t think he even knows. He probably forgot. He’s really forgettable.” Laylee is not.

Magoo has started referring to himself in the 3rd person… as a crazy-face2T-Rex… but sometimes he forgets. Today he forgot his identity for a moment. “Mommy. Can Buddy play with… Um… um… [lowering his voice an octave]… Can the BIG T-REX play with your ball?”

After the tenth time watching and rewatching this video clip of my infant nephew, Laylee looked up at me skeptically and said, “Mom. I can’t understand a WORD he’s saying!” With her tone of voice she was clearly calling him some sort of incommunicative idiot-tard. He may be cute, but that kid is not gonna get along very well in life until he learns to speak so people can understand him.

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14 Responses to The Word on the Street

  1. chilihead says:

    I love your kids. I want to come play.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hee hee, your munchkins are funny.

  3. Eve says:

    That video was SO ADORABLE! And when your brother says “I love you like crazy.” I’m sorry but he sounds so Canadian. In otherwords, he sounds just like you only maler. Does that make any sense?
    PS your kids crack me up.

  4. grammyelin says:

    Truly great and memorable faces! I’m just crazy about those kids.

  5. “Arterial motives”–bwa-ha-ha…that’s almost as bad as the guy who told me he was really “fLustrated” about something. *SHUDDER*

  6. kittyhox says:

    What a couple of cuties you have. And I loved your nephew’s video. Dads who are crazy about their kids are the best!

  7. FarmWife says:

    I love that Magoo is a T-Rex. Very dinosaurish.

    And you should know that you make my day:

  8. lou says:

    Oh that T-Rex thing is too cute!

  9. Lei says:

    Ya got cute kids Kathryn! So photogenic, too!


  10. jodi jean says:

    holy moley that video was dang cute!! and laylee is NOT alone, i couldn’t understand a WORD he was saying either!!

  11. Oh my, you are too funny! Love your sense of humor. I guess because it is a lot like mine. Just found you yesterday, but I plan to keep coming back around. You can pop on over to my blog if you like:

  12. Shelley says:

    At homeschool group the other day, one of the moms shared this amusing story about her son. She asked him to write in his journal on this topic–Why is it important to be punctual? His response–It is important to be punctual because if you don’t use commas and periods it is difficult for other people to understand what you have written.

    The funniest part for me was coming home and telling my family and watching as my 20 yo and 15 yo looked puzzled and didn’t get it, only to have it explained to them by their 10 yo brother.

  13. Margaret says:

    Um, so, can I steal those words – alterial and forgettable – for the “Welcome to my Word” sidebar portion of this blog?

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