Never Say that Word!

What are the “bad words” at your house? [come and share at]

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  1. Bailey's Leaf says:

    “Hate” is an unacceptable word in our house. We also don’t say that people are “weird,” look “weird” or talk “weird.” They are different. I had to reprogram my daughter from my mother-in-law’s bad habit of “Oh my God” to “Oh my gosh”or “Oh my goodness.” (She’ll actually correct people in public on that one.) I think that they are acceptable substitutes and not taking the Lord’s name in vain or close, but we parents all have to decide what is reasonable language. Ah, but “stupid” is not okay, though we haven’t gotten to that one yet. We don’t swear in our home, but my brother does and is pretty good now about correcting his language around our daughter. I appreciate his respect of our wishes. That and I threatened to take him to church and explain to the fine folks teaching her class why she was saying those words.

    I appreciate parents who do their best to teach their children that words are not just something that thoughtlessly flow from our mouths, but that we should really think before we speak. Goodness knows, we all should think before we speak!

  2. LizB says:

    Swearing is definitely not acceptable, I don’t like them to say Oh my Gosh either, because it just sounds too close, so I tell them we don’t say that. Stupid is not acceptable, and neither is hate. It becomes problematic, though when others say those words. My oldest LOVES to correct people that say Oh my Gosh for some reason. He feels like he’s caught them, like it’s a game. If they say stupid or hate, though, he comes over and tells me privately and I have to explain that they’re not bad people because they say that, but in our house it is our rule that we don’t. I hope that what I’m doing is good and it feels good, but I guess time will tell.

    I also really appreciate parents that pay attention to what their kids are saying. I think a lot of the problem is from parents letting their kids watch shows that are for a much older audience – we expect that because it’s for a cartoon or because other kids are watching this movie or show, it’s ok, but G is really the best rating for kids and those movies are few and far between. My neighbor’s two year old’s favorite movie is the Pirates of the Carribean. Now that’s just ridiculous.

  3. Lewis Bae says:

    There are many words that are not acceptable and sometimes we overlook them and say them too often! I guess it is an important thing for the adults in the house to be more conscious of the things that they say, most especially when there are children around. Great blog!

  4. Bella's Mommy says:

    obviously, swear words are not allowed, but we also don’t allow “stupid, shut up, crap, or hate.” then there’s the words that are a must, if only because they are polite, and teach manners: yes sir/ma’am, no sir/ma’am, please, may i, thank you, you’re welcome, excuse me, pardon me. huh,yeah, what, nope, gimme…we feel that these are rude and disrespectful. our daughter isn’t even 2 yet and she already says please, thank you, you’re welcome, bless you, i’m sorry, (and uses each correctly)and she’ll even ask “you okay?” if you have hurt yourself. early, i know, but it’s never too early to start working on manners. so many kids these days just make me want to ask them if they kiss their mothers with that mouth when i hear some of the things they are saying.

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