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Raise Your Hand

I do not have the mental or physical energy, nor do I smell good enough to write anything tonight. My one true deodorant for the past 4 years suddenly stopped working a few days ago. The first day I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Herod and I — We’re Jerks

We’re trying to fight the media-oric power of Santa’s publicity machine and teach Laylee and Magoo that Christmas is actually a religious holiday with fun attached as a festive bonus. Some days we win and sometimes the kids get all … Continue reading

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Flood Update

Dan got home from flood cleanup Saturday night, sore, stiff and grateful. We both are. Everything in our house looks different after seeing what people down there are dealing with. This morning as he was making breakfast he said, “I’m … Continue reading

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Flood Washington with Relief

It wasn’t until I sat down to beg you all for help that the severity of what’s going on in the flood zones really hit me and I started bawling. If you want to understand why, go watch this video … Continue reading

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The Ho Ho Ho Guy

What do you think about Santa? Carrie wrote a great post about him at Seattle Mom Blogs. My friends talk about him a lot and goodness knows Laylee can’t say enough about him. I’m talking about him over at Parenting … Continue reading

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Miffy Winner

We have a winner for the big fat giant mother of a Miffy. And the prize goes to Veronica Mitchell from one of my favorite recent blog finds Toddled Dredge. She says it’s for her 4-year-old but I have my … Continue reading

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