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Wishes and Dreams

It’s a sign. We should probably move Christmas up a couple of months.

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The Soccer Mom Vote

I’ve just written my first post over at The Soccer Mom Vote, a place where I can explore my deeper, less sillier thoughts. If you feel like being kind to a floating head like me, head on over there and … Continue reading

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How Creepish is This Mushroom?

Some people find the face of the Virgin Mary imprinted on their French toast. Some people read the messages in a cup of tea leaves. I find signs like this in my sink when I leave an old spaghetti bowl … Continue reading

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Special Parenting Powers

I will forevermore dazzle my friends at play dates and freshman mixers now that I’ve come up with the best superpowers ever. I want a highly-directional periscopic nose and extendible lips. These are powers I never would have dreamed of … Continue reading

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Kathryn’s Law

If you walk past a grape on the floor and think, “I should pick that up later,” you will be the one to step on it. Guaranteed.

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Real Men Watch Victorian Romance Movies

And they LIKE them! Wives and Daughters finally came up in my Netflix queue last week and the first disc in the BBC miniseries arrived by mail much to my girlish glee and delight. Dan got home from work when … Continue reading

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