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Seattle Mom BlogsJenny, Eve and I stayed up WAY too late in Chicago and came up with all kinds of ideas. We decided to make up songs and sing in an atonal vibrato. We decided to jump from bed to bed wearing capes. And we decided to set up a community to encourage and promote moms who blog in the Greater Seattle Area.

If you’re a mom who blogs from anywhere in or around Seattle, please join us as we try to connect, support each other and undoubtedly take over the world.

Seattle Mom BlogsAnyone is free to go over and nominate one of your favorite posts for the month. The post does not need to be by a Seattle blogger. The nominator does not need to be a Seattle blogger. However, only the academy of Seattle bloggers will be able to vote on the winner. We’d love your nominations!

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3 Responses to Seattle Mom Blogs

  1. Cool! What a great idea 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Katherine, you rock my world.

    I wish I lived in Seattle!!! I’d join in a second. I’m still new on the playground, just kicking the toe of my ked into the rubber mat under the monkey bars here in Oakland, waiting for someone to play with me. Sigh.

    I’m *so* going to blogher next year (6-m-o baby in hand…?)

  3. Julie says:

    D’oh! I mean Kathryn. How can I misspell that after all this time??? Sorry!


    Your Favorite Proofreader

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