Sometimes You Need a Helmet

Sometimes you need a helmet… to protect your head… when you fall over repeatedly… because your helmet’s too big.


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18 Responses to Sometimes You Need a Helmet

  1. Heffalump says:

    What else would you need a helmet for?

    Even though I subscribed to your blog, I still keep checking it every so often, and this time around I beat the subscription.

  2. Becca says:

    I’ve got an almost two year old little guy who needs to wear Daddy’s helmet for the exact same reason.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Oooo…what a vicious cycle!

  4. Aurelia says:

    How funny! I’m glad other families have this same issue! 🙂
    I’m almost afraid to suggest this, but here goes!
    You know the solution? Get them a helmet that’s actually their size!
    That’s what we did @ our house. It works most of the time,
    except for when they BOTH want to where it @ the same time . . .

  5. Beth says:

    Ok, this gave my husband and I a good laugh this morning!

    Your baby boy is so cute!

  6. Shalee says:

    Oooo, it’s Darth Vadar in his early years… I don’t thing you should be worried, though. Unless he takes to breathing a little differently

  7. Jennifer says:

    Well that is why I have a helmet. Is there another need for one? hmmm

  8. Melissa says:

    I love watching kids in motorcycle helmets. I remember watching a kid fall over backwards one time… oh that was a good laugh 🙂

  9. peppylady says:

    Never know when one my need a little extra pading for the head.
    I saw your blog from Sharon “Rocks in my dryer” and “blogher” someday I would like to attend a blogher and also I notice there is a Seattle Mom blog button on the left hand side and maybe Seattle will host a blogher.

  10. Carrie says:

    When my boys were this age, I vaguely remember the pediatrician saying something like “if they didn’t have bumps on their heads, I’d worry”. Helmets may have come in handy.

  11. Poppa2b says:

    I got the pickled pig feet award. I didn’t even notice the Seattle Mom thing, then I had trouble finding it eventhough I knew it was on the left hand side. It’s good peppylady pointed it out, otherwise it could have been months before I noticed. Yes sometimes we all need a helmet.

  12. HA HA HA HA!!!

  13. Diana says:

    After three head bumps today, I would seriously like to know if they make helmets big enough to just strap the boy in and roll him from place to place. Anyone, anyone?

  14. Jessica says:

    We had this exact scenario in my home this week. I guess it isn’t as odd as I thought!

  15. Qtpies7 says:

    This reminds me of comedian Brad Stine and his “Put a Helmet On” DVD. He is an awesome Christian Conservative comedian.

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