Business Executives Are Like Me

At BlogHer I learned that business executives are a lot like me.

First of all, in order to be successful they need to have a plan and some good management.

kathy-peelI got to meet one of my all time home organization idols Kathy Peel. Yes I have home organization idols. When I saw that AOL Body was offering the chance to eat lunch with Kathy, I. Flipped. Out. When Dan and I got married, I was troubled with the thought of quitting my professional life to be a baby machine and I decided to read everything I could on Home Management, Organization and Child Rearing so that I could really start thinking of my mom life as a career. I wanted to put every bit as much effort into my new role as I had in the business world.

Kathy’s books really spoke to me because she writes from a business perspective, using solid business practices and team building techniques to whip any home into shape. She helps you find solutions that work for you and she’s just a wonderful person. I think I got a little drool on her jean jacket as she was signing my book and she pretended not to mind. Honestly, there are very few celebrities who could get me that excited. (No, not even the Backstreet Boys.)

So, I want to run my home like a business, a fun, slightly messy, relaxed sort of business. I’ve let a lot of her advice get lost in the process of OH-MY-WORD-I-HAVE-CHILDREN-HELP-ME-ITIS, but last weekend Kathy got me back on track and I’m ready to get serious again.

amocoSecondly, they like to give away free stuff, free stuff with their name plastered all over it, free stuff that for some reason ignites controversy in the blogosphere, but free stuff nonetheless. I like to give away free stuff too! I love it.

If I could have a job where I just handed out fabulous prizes all day long, I would take that job. Actually, I sort of have that job already. “Does anyone want a peanut butter sandwich, a clean bum, a rubberband to play with? I’ve got everything to make your wildest dreams come true!”

Going back to writing your name all over your stuff, did you ever see the Sesame Street episode with Donald Grump, a Grouch who owns more trash than anyone else in the world and insists on writing his name all over all his trash? I did. And I liked it. And I thought of it when I saw the new Trump Towers in Chicago with “TRUMP” written on every pillar. Um… yeah.

Third and lastly, when my kids fight over a toy, I’ve been known to put it in timeout. According to my architectural riverboat tour guide, the executives at Amoco were fighting so bitterly over corner office space when their 80 story tower (photo above) went up that the CEO had all the corners removed from the building and put them in timeout indefinitely.

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14 Responses to Business Executives Are Like Me

  1. Jeana says:

    I love the story about the building. I just put Scott to work straight away, removing the front passenger seat in my minivan.

    Have I told you I interviewed Kathy Peel once?

  2. Tracey says:

    That makes me sad about the building. Won’t the other buildings tease it? Too bad they couldn’t have left the corners and just used them as common areas.

    As always, your posts are a joy to read. I stop by for the free smiles and chuckles, although the rubberband does sound tempting.

  3. Janssen says:

    Aaaaaanddd . . . have found Kathy Peel books at my library. Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. I will have to look into these Kathy Peel books …

  5. sarah says:

    Why would giving away free stuff be controversial? Who doesn’t love free crud? I am shameless in giving people fridge magnets with my blog address on them. I can understand feeling cheap doing it, but receiving it?

    Really nice blog by the way! Almost everyone I know in the bloggy world reads you – I’ll happily follow suit!

  6. Elaine says:

    Great post.

    If I could have a job where I just handed out fabulous prizes all day long, I would take that job. Actually, I sort of have that job already. “Does anyone want a peanut butter sandwich, a clean bum, a rubberband to play with? I’ve got everything to make your wildest dreams come true!”

    THIS part is especially hilarious. You’ve given me a new vision of my life. -e.

  7. OMSH says:

    Pride cometh before a fall … Trump bettah watch it!

    I like the idea of putting the toy in “time-out” – that is an entirely new approach I’ve never heard. I’m running with that one.

    Organization makes me happy – VERY HAPPY. At this time, the time management part of organization is what is desperately needed.

  8. Shalee says:

    Now that is just cruel about the building… especially when there are nice, non-fighting, sensible employees like me who want a window so that she can look out and see the sun. Is that too much to ask for? A little glimpse of freedom while slaving away in a concrete and metal cage?! Is it to much to ask to NOT HAVE FOUR WALLS AT WHICH TO STARE?

    Oh wait. I get why he did it. Never mind.

    I think it would take some good one on one with Mrs. Peel to get me anywhere near salvagable order…

  9. Emily says:

    LOL – all the corners removed from the building! I can just see all the grumpy business executives scowling in their time out chairs. 🙂

  10. HowToMe says:

    Put the corners in time out – Lol!

    (Blogging Chicks)

  11. Eve says:

    I need to see this Sesame Street. Find it on Youtube for us!?

  12. ZaCarrie says:

    We couldn’t get things done around our house until we came up with “Project Management”. We divided up all the jobs and put project managers over certain things. I’m project manager over cleaning, but that doesn’t mean I do all the cleaning. It just means it’s my job to make sure it gets done. I can divide the work up how I see fit. I’m also project manager over food, the dog, and the flower beds. Zack’s project manager over home improvement, the lawn, and finances. He works out the pricing of projects, how much time they’ll take, etc. I can help him get it done, but it’s his project. (I do have the power to suggest projects to him, but then I can relax and know that he’ll do things on his schedule. It’s saved us a lot of “discussions”. Our house is run like a business I guess. We even have finance meetings. They last an hour or two and then we celebrate with ice cream afterwards. I’m interested to see what Kathy Peel says about home management.

  13. Dianne says:

    How cool is that? I have been a Kathy Peel fan for many years now. And now the whole blogging world gets to see you with Kathy. Sweet! 😀

  14. KYouell says:

    I have had to put thrown sippy cups of milk in “time out” (the fridge). And anything thrown over the baby gate into the kitchen is a gift to Mom for the day, and I make sure I say “thank you” profusely. Still, I never would have thought of putting all the corner offices in time out. Brilliant!

    Thanks for mentioning Kathy Peel. I’d never heard of her. I’m off to Amazon to look for things for my wishlist.

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