I can’t fill her shoes

With Kathryn at BlogHer, I’ve taken the helm around here. Let me tell you, it’s been surprisingly difficult.

No, not taking care of the kids. I mean, it’s really hard work, but I’ve been solo with them before, so it wasn’t a surprise how much work Kathryn does on a daily basis to keep our ship sailing. Since I’m the one hanging out all day with the kiddos, I figured I’d try my hand at the blog-about-how-cute-the-kids-are thing, and that’s what I found surprisingly tough.

How does she remember all the cute things the kids say? They are spouting cuteness at all times except when I have something to write with. There was at least one really, really great Laylee-ism, where she took some colloquialism and turned it funny somehow, and I cannot remember what it was. I’m so glad that Kathryn captures a few precious drops of toddleric wit and wisdom here on the blog. We’ll always have some little-kid fun-ness preserved here, long after they’ve broken the four foot barrier.

And then, when does she find the time to turn their antics into blog posts? Well, it’s true; I know where she gets some of the time :)… but still–it’s a big investment.

All of this on top of being the World’s Greatest Mom. (As the World’s Greatest Dad, I am authorized to write that about her with Proper Noun Casing.)

Thanks for all you do, baby.

Well, it’s the day before she comes home (well, it’s after midnight, so it’s technically the last day of the trip), and this is what I’ve got: one picture and one story.

Laylee dipping her cantaloupe in ketchup:

Funny, this cantaloupe tastes like chicken

A few nights ago at teeth brushing time, Magoo wanted to rinse and spit just like Laylee. We don’t use toothpaste with him yet, so he doesn’t really need to, but it would be a good skill for him to acquire, so I hand him a cup of water to try it. He takes a swig, swishes it around, tips his head over the sink, and … *gulp* swallows. The lack of water to spit disturbs him. He repeats this two or three times, getting more frustrated with each failed spit attempt. I hope he didn’t notice me chuckling. Before I took the cup away, he did manage to get one good spit in. Good times.

I can hardly wait to snuggle on the couch with my schmoop while she regales me with stories of her adventures. Come home soon, baby!

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I am the Daring Young Dad, of course.
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12 Responses to I can’t fill her shoes

  1. Amanda Regan says:

    I love reading posts like your hubby has just written, it’s lovely to hear from people you think you know (after all I’ve read so much about you it feels like I know you both). It’s just nice to hear from the other side of the fence as it were. You both have similar writing styles & the same sense of humour (god help us there’s two of you) lol
    Although saying that I’m not letting my hubby anywhere near mine lol.

  2. Amanda says:

    You write very much the same, you and your husband! Filled with love and good family stories. So cute that you let him ‘blog for you and the family during your vacation.

  3. AH! You are the cute-est. I am coming home soon. Thank you for this and I love the cantelope picture. Mwah!

  4. heather says:

    aww, what a sweet tribute to your wife!

  5. Poppa2B says:

    You did great. Cantelope with ketchup?

  6. Beth says:

    Ahhhhh Dan! You’re the most!

  7. Kimberly says:

    Dan the Man! Yeeeaaahh! I think with practice you could at least approach your sweethearts level of bloggy fabulousness. Seriously. You’ve got the knack.

  8. Farm Wife says:

    Good job, Dan…and don’t feel bad about forgetting the cute things they say. I can never remember them when I set down to blog either.

  9. Faith says:

    AWWWWW. That is just way too sweet!!! I’m totally jealous of Mrs. Daring’s talents in collecting all those funny moments cuz I seem to forget the ones in our house, too. but the cantelope and ketchup thing is pretty good, so you should pat yourself on the back for that one!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Option 1: Your wife just makes up all the “cute” things the kids say!

    Option 2: Video camera on all.the.time, didn’t you know?

  11. sarah k. says:

    Yeah, but did Laylee gag once she put that mess in her mouth? I’m gagging. Dan, I miss you. I miss Kathryn, too. Nobody can make up words like you guys.

  12. grammyelin says:

    Dan, you are a great writer! I loved this post. You are also a terrrific father, husband and son. I’m sure glad to have you. By the way, when did you re-arrange the dining room?

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