So What’s the Deal with Pajamas?

In the morning they wake up and I feed them food.

They use the food to feed and decorate their pajamas.

I peel the pajamas from their bodies and dress them in “clothes”.

Throughout the day they continue to feed and decorate their “clothes” with slime, food, slug sweat and nasal excretions. Depending on what our next activity is, I either change their clothes again or ignore their filth.

Then at bedtime I change them back into pajamas regardless of the state of their clothes.

Tonight Magoo was wearing a freshly clean outfit at bedtime but I stripped it off for the sheer love of doing laundry and due to the fact that people, like fish, are not supposed to sleep in “CLOTHES.”

The thing is, his pajamas are indistinguishable from many of his outfits. I think that the determining factor for sleepwear should be the same as play-wear. It should all be made out of recently replaced Austrian window treatments and should have a matching head-kerchief. When it’s wet, slimey or smells like milk or other bodily fluids, it should be changed, and not before.

Maybe I’ll just make like a sci-fi movie and enshroud him in breathable hoseable rubber zipper-front jumpsuits with our family logo emblazoned over the right breast, our family logo which is of course a stylized likeness of my floating head… wearing pajamas.

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30 Responses to So What’s the Deal with Pajamas?

  1. Nantiemeg says:

    and how exactly does a head go about wearing pajamas? Post a picture of that please!

  2. Amanda Regan says:

    At least with a logo that is just your head floating you don’t have to ever worry about gaining weight cos after all who would be able to tell from a wafting, floating head ?

  3. I saw a gal in Target the other day, a grown up, and apparently for some people here in Texas, pajamas and regular clothes ARE interchangeable, right down to the fluffy slippers.

  4. Inga says:

    You are absolutely right. My mom-in-law specifically buys pajama’s that look like regular clothes so if she doesn’t have to get dressed if she doesn’t want to. LOL!!

  5. One of the coolest invented clothes are those slick jump suits they have made, you know with “Batman” or “Cars” on them, because when something spills on them it runs right off, or if they wipe something on it like snot or toothpaste then that wipes right off too! And they are so comfortable they can sleep in them so you only have to change their clothes like once a week! 😉
    p.s. Glad you enjoyed what I wrote about you…. I really meant it. YOU SOO TOTALLY ROCK, DUDE!

  6. marian says:

    I share your questioning of the time-honored institution of pajamas for little people. Not that I don’t fall in line with the program, lock-step, and replace my child’s fairly fresh 3rd outfit of the day with the proper nighttime attire. There are Pajama Police patrolling, are there not? (Ok, true confession: For the sake of the laundry load, sometimes I just keep them in the clean day-time T shirt instead of switching to the nighttime T shirt. Shhhhh.)

  7. Here is another question for you. Why is there clean clothes in the closet nearly all the time but every single night we have to search for the pajamas?

  8. Awesome Mom says:

    I don’t use bibs, so after dinner they are filthy and need pajamas. I love the jumpsuit idea, it would save me a lot of laundry.

  9. JustRandi says:

    Laughing Mommy has clean clothes in the closet nearly all the time? I want to be you.

  10. Abby says:

    My sister -in-law has her kids pick one outfit for the week during the summer. They wear that outfit, period. By the end of the week they look like street urchins, but they don’t care how filthy they are. She has almost no laundry at the end of the week, so she is happy too I haven’t quite embraced this, but I am trying. Maybe we all need to just let the ideal of clean looking kids fly out the window and embrace them in their natural state, FILTH!!

  11. Oh – yes – the revolving door of clothing. I have 2 boys, so I’m forever staring at the stains on their clothes trying to decide if they look like an image of the Jesus so I can at least make a few bucks on this whole mommy experience.

  12. Ooops – didn’t mean to write “the” Jesus …

  13. Sarah says:

    So true! We gave up on buying pajamas months ago. If it’s clean, it is worn to bed.

  14. Christie says:

    I totally feel the same way about PJs. And my question is: why do PJs cost so stinkin’ much?! I could buy two supercute outfits for the cost of one set of PJs. I just don’t get it. There have been some days when I let them run around in their PJs just so I feel like I’m getting what I paid for out of them. 🙂 I remember growing up going to bed in an oversized, ratty, holey t-shirt. Do we get put on the bad mommy list if we do the same with our kiddos?

  15. allysha says:

    I must admit, my son’s daytime and nighttime clothes are often interchangeable.

  16. Farm Wife says:

    We only dress if we need to leave the house. And if it’s just a trip to the trash cans or mail box…forget it. What’s the point in putting on clean sweatpants & a clean t-shirt just to walk to the mail box? The sweatpants & t-shirt I wore to bed the night before will suffice.

  17. Farm Wife says:

    Oh, and Antique Mommy saying, “apparently for some people here in Texas, pajamas and regular clothes ARE interchangeable, right down to the fluffy slippers.” Yeah, We have the same problem in Illinois too. It’s a little startling to see a grown woman in SpongeBob pajamas & fuzzy slippers in the freezer section of the grocery.

  18. Steff says:

    ROFL….ok i must totaly get the bad mommy award here…my boys are 3 and 4 and after a full day they mostly wind up sleeping in boxer-briefs just like their dad….lol.
    it does seem to save on the laundry for them but how come i am going thru 14 outfits a day? could it be they wipe all thier food, snot etc on me???

  19. Melissa says:

    We just don’t ever get dressed. Problem solved. 🙂

  20. Melissa says:

    Okay… so I just realized that my last comment makes it sound like we run around naked all day long… what I meant was… we don’t ever take our jammies off! We live in them all day… till we have to go somewhere. Then we get dressed, run the errand, come home, put pj’s back on.

  21. kate says:

    I wanna see the head in pajamas!

    I agree what is the dealio with pj’s!

  22. jk2boys says:

    My boys are still little, so we use jammies and play clothes interchangeably (for the most part). I do like to get them dressed up if we go somewhere special.
    I wear my jammies a lot too, but I’m trying to change that habit a little. It’s hard for me to get dressed just to have my babe rub his face into my shoulder. But it does make me more productive in getting things done around the house.

  23. We just bought a pack of cheap white tshirts for the boys to wear to bed. I hate buying pjs. It works well because in the morning, if we are in a hurry I can just throw pants/shorts and shoes on them. Plus, if all else fails to get stains out. Oxyclean will do the trick.

  24. Can I get your family logo (floating head) on my kids’ PJ’s, too?!?!

    I just learned recently that some of my friends change their kids into pajamas for their naps. Who knew? I am so not that ambitious 🙂

  25. KYouell says:

    Ok, I feel like a total newbie now. I thought that the idea was that the sleepwear was either close-fitting cotton or had some anti-flammable treatment on the fabric. So, yeah, I bother to change The Biscuit into pj’s for night. I only have been cheating with a too-big t-shirt for naps. That backfired though because now he won’t nap without that shirt, unless we are out doing errands and he happens to fall asleep in the car.

    I think I’m going to switch to the big t-shirt idea for summer nights too.

    And The Cupcake either stays in a onesie or gets a sleep sack kind of jammie depending on when the night cools off (if at all!).

  26. This applies to my husband too. He looks like a little piggy every time we eat!

  27. kittyhox says:

    MAN, you are a genius! (No, I know you are not a man, I mean it in the same sense as DUDE, where’s my car?)

    A scuba outfit with our family crest. We actually have one (with a hawk on it – my maiden name is Hoxworth), so it would be official and everything. Sheer genius.

    I am at a loss to understand this aspect of parenting. Feeding my child, I mean. He is 14 months. Yes, he feeds and decorates his clothing with his food. You’ve got it exactly correct. Very little is actually consumed. He also decorates the dining room with his food. And the living room.

    I am partly to blame. He just acts like a little animal most of the time and I’ve begun to treat him like one. I just strip off his shirt before I feed him. I don’t even bother with a bib, which he rips off. It sounds kinda redneck, but we live in Shorewood, which I don’t think qualifies as the boonies. He hasn’t mastered a spoon so I just feed him. He has never learned to tip up his bottle or sippy cup, so I just hold it for him or put him on his back so he can hold it himself. I am SUCH an enabler.

    I know I’m going on and on but I’m just delighted by your rubber onesie invention and the fact that my little one must not be the only messy Marvin in the world.

  28. kittyhox says:

    Okay, one more quick thing.

    Little people in PJs are the cutest things in the world. We always always always put him in a fresh pair of PJs at night.

    However, he sometimes wears them until mid-afternoon. The PJs make sense to me. Cute, cozy, easy to get on and off. It’s the regular clothes (jeans, button shirts) that I avoid as much as possible.

  29. Arizaphale says:

    Doesn’t anyone sleep in the nuddy pants any more????? LOL

  30. Mandi says:

    I agree! My daughter (Aubrey-20 months old) gets her clothes changed a zillion times a day between me, my husband (yes, he actually changes her clothes, not that they match or anything…), and my in-laws, she is constantly on a rotating schedule of clothes changing. Unless its unwearable, smells, or is just plain gross, I’m not changing her clothes any more. Pajamas, play clothes, what’s the difference? Once they get ketchup on it, it all looks the same.

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