Today at The Parenting Post, I’ve posted the cutest picture ever taken of Magoo. The post is about the gadgets that make my life easier. What technological advances would you have trouble living without?

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8 Responses to Techno-Parenting

  1. Email, without a doubt. When my husband is deployed he never seems to far away because we can chat so often on email. I don’t know how the women back in the day went months and months without talking to their soldiers. But, like many things, they probably were able to because they didn’t have any other choice! 🙂

    Great topic!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Love that picture! My favourite of Becca is her talking into a play cell phone.

    Technology I couldn’t live without? Too many to list, babe. And here I find myself living in the country next door to people who own chickens and horses. Cue the twilight zone music please.

  3. Karen says:

    The microwave oven. I do not understand how the world functioned before it’s existence.

  4. Awesome Mom says:

    I can’t live with out my computer and high speed internet. That is how I keep connected with my family even though we are living so far from them.

    That picture was too cute. My youngest has started with the whole phone thing too. It is hilarious to see him pretending to use it. The sad thing is that when I want him to listen to his grandma or who ever is calling he freaks out because there are voices on his phone.

  5. Brandi says:

    Your post was fantastic!

    I never realized until you pointed it out how much time I save doing things online that I would otherwise have to stand in line with my kids to get done, *shiver*.

    We just moved recently, well in the last two months, several states away. I did almost everything that needed to get done via the Internet and my phone, all while taking care of our newborn and toddler b/c hubby was deployed for a bit. Whew! We even rented our house online without ever seeing it! Luckily the house turned out to be as nice as promised.

    OK, TMI sorry. Reading what more you are able to do with your synced PDA’s and laptops makes me want greater connectivity. I already cannot imagine going without the Internet and will never use less than Broadband again. I like the idea of looking up a recipe right there at the store!

  6. Gina says:

    The internet is really the greatest resource for many things at our house, but I would have to say my washer and dryer are the most wonderful things a new mom can possess.

    I imagine quite often how woman washed their clothes on rocks in the rivers, hiking water to the house for odd jobs… they must have cussed to themselves each time their newborn crapped their cloth diapers (among other things)!

  7. I cannot live without my MP3 player. It is great for soothing a frazzled Mom back to sleep.

    Then there’s high speed that I could live without but I wouldn’t want to try!

  8. jane says:

    Oooo, tell us more about how you set up your online babysitting co-op and how it works!

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