Wiki-wiki HOW

Thanks to Lauren for pointing me towards this after reading my interview over at

Here’s the excerpt she was referring to:

Mommybloggers: We love that you host Daring Family Freestyle Rap Battles. In fact, we’re thinking that there needs to be a way to incorporate it into BlogHer 2007. Can you give us a sample of your lyrical prowess?Kathryn:

Get yer tooth-BRUSH from the vanity, OOO let’s fight cavities

You better put away the play-doh, this moment
You own it, you better never let it go
Crusty. You only get one tub, do not miss your chance to show
Grammy your sculpture once before bedtime, yo

You really don’t get the whole experience with just the words on the page. If you could picture me as one of the white moms on Oprah trying to “get down” with one fist raised in the air, attempting some wooden-legged booty-poppin’ as they watched Mary J. Blige perform recently, you’d feel like you were actually there in our living room for a DFFRB. Laylee and Dan like to add some flava with a sweet two-fingered wiggedy-wiggedy faux-vinyl-spinning maneuver which I plan to incorporate into my own routines at some future date.

The tips on the WikiHow Site are invaluable and I’m sure the flo will be more flo-inacious after I read through those a couple of times. I especially like the part where it explains that to “spit” in rap culture does not mean the “forcible expulsion of saliva from the mouth”. Thanks. We are all so much more “down” now.

Oh, and the Blog This tattoos are gone. I still have a few MommyBlogHer tatts for any mommas out there who want them.

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9 Responses to Wiki-wiki HOW

  1. That’s Va-nilla Ice Ice Baby….Too cold, too cold…
    Word to ya mutha!

  2. Grammy says:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. Grammy says:

    I have witnessed the free-style rap sessions. How much better could they possibly get?

  4. This is going to make it so much easier for you in the battles. Lauren is heaven-sent.

  5. TBG says:

    Did I make the cut off?

    I dont have kids but could totally make the mommy blogger tat work if I missed the cut off for the blog this!

  6. Wow! That’s the highlight of our family life! We’ll have to try it out! Can we see a video of you rapping to your kids? PLEASE????

    Word from yur Motha’
    Don’t hit yur brotha’
    No spittin’
    No, I’m not quittin’
    til you eat those veggies
    Stop the wedgies!
    Now break it down!
    *boom boom tis,
    boom boom tis tis
    Wiky wiky wik*

  7. emlouisa says:

    Okay, I’m laughing.

    And then Cheerios on my butt made me laugh some more.

    (and yes it is still me, Emily. I have a new blog! No more blogger!)

  8. The Real Mac says:

    How do i get my raps into the website battle

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