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Wherein the Root Beer is Confiscated…

I will not post a picture of Piglet and Pooh’s milk bath which I had the misfortune of confiscating, putting in an obscure corner of the kitchen, and then finding only after their bodies had been cemented in the gelatinous … Continue reading

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Yeah. They’re Different.

Men and women, boys and girls. I see in my kids a very interesting case study in gender identity. Laylee, the ever dainty one, who cries if a droplet of water enters a 3 inch radius around either eye and … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday – Losing Weight without Crazy Diets

For the sake of this Tuesday’s discussion, we will consider all “diets” to be crazy. I hate them. I want to lose weight. I don’t want to eat cabbage soup, count my calories, assign a complex scoring system to each … Continue reading

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Lately we’ve been reading a version of Sleeping Beauty FRE-QUENT-LY. Laylee (wearing big pink wings): Magoo can be the wicked fairy. (to Magoo) You can be the wicked fairy. Laylee (slamming Magoo’s head between two pillows): You’re the wicked fairy … Continue reading

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You Are My Family

Sorry. That may have been misleading. Not YOU, the internet world. Let me esplain. Nope. There is too much. Let me sum up. My fabulous Uncle “Jay” used to always say: You can pick your nose And you can pick … Continue reading

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My House Smells Like Fish

It’s probably because I live too close to those Pike Market guys. Or maybe it has something to do with the massive amount of tuna I prepared for dinner group and some wandering missionaries last night. The dinner smelled like … Continue reading

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