Wherein the Root Beer is Confiscated…


I will not post a picture of Piglet and Pooh’s milk bath which I had the misfortune of confiscating, putting in an obscure corner of the kitchen, and then finding only after their bodies had been cemented in the gelatinous blob that their dairy spa ritual had become .

I was too busy retchin’ to be fetchin’ my camera (hey, that has the beginnings of a sweet piece for our next Daring Family Free-Style Rap Battle).

From that moment on, all citizens of the Hundred Acre Wood were banned from bathing in anything other than water or mud.

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24 Responses to Wherein the Root Beer is Confiscated…

  1. Woo-hoo…I’m first!

    Ah yes, the smell of rotten, congealed milk. One of the great joys of motherhood. My children will be grown, moved away, with kids of their own, and I swear I STILL will not be able to get that smell out of my nostrils.

  2. Isn’t milk good for the skin? Amyhoo… poor Rabbit…

  3. Chilihead2 says:

    Ewwww. At least it wasn’t oatmeal. It may smell better when hardened, but that stuff is GLUE.

  4. HLH says:

    Hmm, that is how my son broke a few of his beloved trains. Poor pooh and Piglet…perhaps they will recover with a water bath and a visit from the blow-dry fairy 🙂

  5. Catez says:

    I love Winnie the Pooh. My favourite is Tigger. Not so sure about the milk bath thingy though – sounds Elizabethan and before Pooh’s time. A honey bath maybe…

    Congrats on being a finalists in the awards – quite a few times I observe.

    Ok – you can edit this next bit out if you want. My emails don’t reach you and I can’t find DYD’s. I have posted on the controversy thing. You know – that one. Thought you might be interested – it’s here.

    Sorry to put it here and be completely Tiggerish by bouncing off topic.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Oh, that’s too funny. Gross. But funny.

  7. melnel says:

    yuck. in the extreme! Those are really cool glasses though. Does piglet have one? Or since he’s so short, do they just not make one of him, since he would just be drowning in the liquid?

    Piglet is my favorite.

  8. HangerMom says:

    Ha! I can’t keep anything out of my daughter’s cup these days. It’s almost enough to make me send her back to sippy-cup-land, but I don’t want her to regress if we can help it.

    And mmmmm, congealed milk. I think whole milk goes rotten in about 30 minutes if left out (or at least it starts to smell awful), but I don’t know that I’ve ever let it harden. Yikes!

  9. Heth says:

    What is it about a glass full of liquid that causes small children to submerge their toys?

    Jack likes to dip whatever he is eating in whatever he is drinking. Bleh.

  10. Grammy says:

    And ther, my friend is proof that even short posts can be classic. I loved it. you NEVER put stuff in your beverages. Yeah ! Right!

  11. Addie says:

    Rabbit looks a little miffed to be left in the root beer! He probably wouldn’t be so upset if he had heard what happened to Pooh and Piglet. I love when I find congealed milk! 😛

  12. Jenna says:


  13. Margaret says:


  14. Rachelle says:

    Yuck! Rotten milk. But still funny. I love how you can make something gross funny.

  15. Ugh! The congealed milk is nastiest when found under the seat on the non-removable mat of your mini-van, after it has been sitting in 90+ degree heat for 3 + hours! Talk about a stench! Woo whee!! We cleaned, vacuumed, scrubbed, Febrezed, and it still had that smell etched into my brain when we got rid of it.

  16. HolyMama! says:

    Whoooaah! Your kids get real live glasses? Like, GLASS, glasses? It’s plastic with lids until, puberty around here. You are DARING!

  17. bowersita says:

    Dang you and your blogs! Okay mostly your blogs because I avoid doing homework cause I would rather read them. I stay up way too late cause I am reading them. Curses! Blogs, I love them, they are always more interesting than just about anything else on the computer. I would start one of my own, but then I would never finish grad school.

    “Look what you’ve done!! I’m melting, melting. Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world. Who what have thought that some little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness”(um focus on college)

    It was just such a good line, and did I mention it was way past my bedtime?

    Love ya tons! You are a most excellent writer.

  18. Bridgermama says:

    Poor Rabbit..:( I cannot even begin to talk about the terrible fate of Pooh and Piglet.
    Love your site, will be back!

  19. Ginger says:

    Knee deep in root beer? That would have been my childhood dream! Joshua Rabbit crosses the Root Beer Jordan….

  20. Linsey says:

    HAHA! I am so happy to know my kids aren’t the only crazies who like toys in thier drinks!

  21. emlouisa says:

    Blech. I found my first sippy cup of rotten chocolate milk last Saturday. I opened it, almost puked, asked Greg if he thought I should clean it out or chuck it. He said clean it out so I opened it up and showed him the contents. He quickly changed his mind and it went straight to the garbage.


  22. The gross thing is, that if my child found that cup of Rabbit-inhabited rootbeer, he would have just drank up!! Around the toy of course, because who wants to take the time to remove a toy when you’ve found contraband soda?

  23. surcie says:

    Rabbit kinda looks like he’s stomping grapes for wine, doesn’t he?

  24. there’s nothing worse than poop, that has been in the bowels for days on end, that is bad. or that smell of something dead in the basement. thats worse.

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