My House Smells Like Fish

It’s probably because I live too close to those Pike Market guys.

Or maybe it has something to do with the massive amount of tuna I prepared for dinner group and some wandering missionaries last night.

Achtung BabyThe dinner smelled like fish, not the missionaries…well maybe they smell like fish now. Oh, and they were Mormon missionaries, if you must know. They weren’t wearing their “identification” at the time so it took me a while to ferret it out. (Please see picture to the right. This graphic was sent to me by someones hilarious who classified it as an “S&E Fish and Chips Award FOR MORMONS ONLY, GOSH!” in the category of Good Sportsmanship While Being Absolutely Hilarious. It made me laugh…for a really long time.

Thursday I made a conscious decision to tackle the most “taxing” item on my to-do list and work on that one thing at the expense of everything else I had to do.

So, um, yeah.

I spent ALL DAY working on our taxes.

I’ve done them in the past, no real problems, but we have way too many complications this year. A second child tax credit, a refi, thoughts of starting a home-based business to support my blogging habit. (Can I itemize a deduction for just thinking about a home-based business? It did take a lot of time and effort on my part and I think I should be compensated.)

So far the only things I have right are our social security numbers and W2s. Everything else will require a redo this weekend. When Dan came home, he had to pry the 50 million documents from my fingers so we could spend some time enjoying the finer things in life, things such as reading through your billions of supportive and often hilarious comments.

I’m sorry I can’t respond to each one. I really enjoyed ever single comment and hope to slowly make the trek out to each of your blogs, if I haven’t already.

I have this funny thing with reading new blogs. I always hope they’ll be lame so I won’t have one more cool blog to check in on. You people are very disappointing in that regard so far.

dance boysI have been campaigning for months to have an 80’s dance at church and the time finally came last night. The attendance was sparse at best but the music was great and the dancing even greater.

Have you ever seen a 3 year old do the Robot? Yeah, me neither. Laylee was way uncooperative last night, spending most of the evening hovering around the snack table, nursing a cup of what appeared to some sort of sherbet punch, spiked with Gak. Punch and cookies vs. learning cool new dance moves? We’ve got to get that girl’s priorities straightened out.
laylee dance
She did get her groove on a couple of times and was heard chanting “Too Legit! Too Legit to quit!” so I think she’ll be okay.

By now you should know that I really like posts about hair. REALLY REALLY like them. I also really enjoy show and tell. This week we’re supposed to be showing something close up.

hair close-up

Beauty, thy name is Aquanet! Who knew the mullet was so versatile?

big hair

When I finished this exquisite creation, Laylee asked, “What kind is that hair called?”

Me: Do you like it?
Laylee: It looks like the hair a monkey would wear.

There you have it.

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30 Responses to My House Smells Like Fish

  1. Caryn says:

    Congratulations on getting started on your taxes, even if you still have a ways to go. Hope they don’t take too much more time. And the eighties sound like a fun theme for a dance. Good idea!

  2. blackbird says:

    It IS!
    It is totally monkey hair, and I AM SO SO SO JEALOUS.

  3. Chilihead2 says:

    Um, love the hair. Have you thought about bringing back the hat? 😉

    J/K. I get that it’s 80s. And I lu-huv the 80s!

  4. jessica says:

    Hey, what a coincidence. My latest Fancy That Friday post should help with any future fish problems.

    And the hair! I couldn’t even get my hair to act like that in the 80s. How did you manage it in the new millenium? You truly are a woman of many talents.

  5. Suzi says:

    Taxes are not my favorite. I hope it all works out this weekend.

    And I hope you enjoyed the dance, even if Layle wouldn’t do the Robot.

  6. Rachelle says:

    We take the lazy way out and just drop all our tax stuff off with an accountant. A week later we sign the papers and voila! I think an 80’s dance would be a blast! A freaking blast! I LOVE 80’s music. And LOL about Laylee’s comment. Monkey hair – priceless.

  7. Susan says:

    THAT is precisely why I’m letting my hair grow–so I can have Monkey Hair!

    I will be printing those pictures and hanging them in the bathroom as inspiration. Thank you!

  8. Moonface says:

    She is right, you know, that daughter of yours. It is monkey hair. Totally.

  9. CarpeDM says:

    I don’t want to talk about taxes. I still haven’t done mine from last year.

    Oh, the hair. Lord. I survived the 80’s. Why do you people keep trying to bring them back? I say you people because I am assuming that there is no way that you are anywhere close to me in age (I graduated in 1985. It’s very sad).

    Your kids are so very, very cute.

  10. surcie says:

    Wow, that Laylee’s all about boosting your ego, isn’t she? What a nut.

    BTW, whatdya mean USELESS?? Mine aren’t exactly useFUL. It means a lot to me that you read my blog. Seriously.

  11. An 80’s dance! Oh, that would be too fun.

  12. krista says:


    I am singing Cindy Lauper right now as a result of that picture!

  13. Heth says:

    Laylee, we know you have robot skills. Don’t be shy, show us your bad moves.

    Great hair Kathryn.

  14. owlhaven says:

    I am the same way with hoping blogs are bad. I am constantly trying to decrease the number of blogs on my visit list, but then I always succumb to temptation and click on new ones anyway.

  15. emlouisa says:

    1) I’m loving the graphic. rofl!

    2) Taxes suck. I expected to get more back since we have an extra kid and nada.

    3) I’m loving the hair. You gotta love the 80s!

  16. Jenna says:

    Um, I am going to have an 80’s dance in your honor. Yes, it will be me alone in my apartment.
    No, that does not make it any less valid.

  17. Hey- I love the pic of DYD and Magoo- DYD has his groove on too!

  18. Lei says:

    Lolol! Sleek look!!!

  19. Love the monkey hair! Your kiddos are adorable too. Didn’t want to add my comments from yesterday in with the other 78+ already there, but just wanted you to know that I will continue to come back and visit regardless of your world view. We mom’s, daring or otherwise need to stick together. Here’s to many miles together on this journey. I am adding you to my blogroll, adding you to your sister who is already there : )

  20. Liz says:

    can I say a very 2000s woot to your very 1980’s hair?

    As a bonafide Pentecostal – I must say that we still have some ladies sadly stuck in the 1980’s with HUGE poofs. Shoot. There are some ladies still stuck in 1960 with beehives. Then there are the ladies my age trying to meld the 1990’s curly hair with the 1960’s beehives and coming up with just plain big hair.

  21. Queen Beth says:

    Can I have a cool Mormon award even tho I’m not Mormon? I like yours. I am coveting it. Ooops. Breaking a ten commandment. Come get me witch hunters! COME AND GET ME!!!!!!

    Loved the hair. I really should post a picture of my totally 80’s do. I was a child of the 80’s and had some FUNKY hair!!!

  22. Heather says:

    J’adore tes cheveux de singe! Ils sont si beaux! 🙂

  23. Amber says:

    Your hair is making me giggle. I love taxes- of course my dh is a CPA and does our taxes so I don’t have to think about them so take that fwiw.

  24. Lena says:

    So true about new blogs! It’s like when you’re shopping and you’re broke and you see the cutest shirt and thumb through the sizes silently wishing that they don’t have your size.

    As for taxes, thanks for bringing it up and making my eye twitch. But, concerning the write-offs, come on over to the dark side. I’ve run my own business for 5 years out of my house and you would not believe what you are allowed to write-off. Let me just say “housekeeper” and “bottled water” to get us started. Email me as you get further in the process and I’ll let you know what our Super Ninja of an accountant has done for us recently.

    Love the post today – that look’s going to sweep the nation.

  25. Laughing so hard it hurts.Thanks for you posts love it!!

  26. Carrie says:

    You look totally wicked awesome!

  27. HolyMama! says:

    No fair! You can even look cute with 80s hair?! I just looked like a dork, and that was when it was cool to have monkey hair!

  28. Karen says:

    Dude, the hair. It rocks. We so could have been best friends in 8th grade.

    Where is the love? I’m lurking like a professional stalker for something new to read. Update already.

  29. HLH says:

    Monkey hair- that is great! I bet the music was great, I LOVE 80’s Pop.

  30. Grammy says:

    Oh, the inventor of aqua net was a genius! I love hairspray – or as I like to call it – aerosal glue. How else could you possibly achieve a DOO like that?

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