I Can’t Carry her Around Forever

Like nearly everyone in America, I’m trying to lose weight. You may have guessed this from last week’s Tip Tuesday or from looking at the lovely pictures I post of myself on the website. Anywho, not much success happenin’ around here.

Lame excuses for this:

1. I’m slowly weaning Magoo. My body is still used to eating bigger portions but I’m burning fewer calories.

2. Emotional eating — I’ve made no secret of my PPMD junk and when I get stressed or excited, I grab something to munch on. (No. It is not carrots.)

3. The BLOG — I’ve heard people say their blog makes them fat. Who said that? Tell me so I can credit you. Anyway, sitting around typing and reading things online is not active. When I’m on the computer, my kids wig-out. When my kids wig out, I get stressed. Please refer to excuse #2.

4. I like to sleep and hate to exercise, until I’m actually doing it.

So, today I slept through my gym workout window. I decided to have a dance party this afternoon with the kids to get some cardio in. We rocked. We grooved. It was a blast.

Laylee prefers to “dance” while being held in my arms. I can only do this for so long before I have to put her down. That girl is HEA-VY.

What hit me as I was repeatedly telling her she was too heavy and putting her down was that I have more weight to lose than her total body weight. I am essentially carrying extra weight equal to the total weights of both of my children around – at all times – every day. I’m seriously surprised I can walk at all. Saturday’s little scare also got me thinking about my heart and health.

The dancing was so fun that I decided my reward for losing the first 25 lbs will be to take a Hip-Hop or Jazz dance class for big fat clumsy dorks adult beginners. I told DYD my plan and his exact response was “Kat-izzle in the Hizzle! Yeeee-aaahhh!”

Very supportive as you can see.

So I may or may not keep you all updated on my progress. When I win, you’re all invited over for some sweet dancing. I’m sorry that I WILL dance better than you…the class and all….

Goal Progress 0 (This is the number of lbs lost. Bigger numbers mean YAY!)

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20 Responses to I Can’t Carry her Around Forever

  1. Liz says:

    No kidding. I’m carrying around the weight of an average 2nd grader.

    Got to stop. I ordered my walk away the pounds video online the other day and bought new tennis shoes. They are not as sexy as the ones in my profile, so I will not be changing my picture 🙂

  2. Nutella says:

    This post is very exciting to me because I too slept through my workout window this morning, and, I too am considering attending the hip-hop dance class tonight at Gold’s Gym. I am just very nervous because I too think that I will be a big fat clumsy dork in a class full of lithe blonde 19 year-old girls with more moves than Michael Jackson. I was actully talking myself into going when I read your blog, thinking that it would at least be something fun to write about in my blog…but you have beat me to it. I guess I will have to not go to the gym and eat cookies. Oh well…

  3. kfk says:

    I thought about putting my weekly or daily weight loss successes and failures on the blog. That my actually help in some weird way. A little anonymous pressure and hopefully some support mixed in. It might work! Good luck to you! My reward for losing weight? A whole new wardrobe! Or a lifetime supply of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.

  4. brooke says:

    I’m doing the Self Challenge (http://www.self.com/challenge) this year. For real this time. It has exercise tips, routines, menus, etc. And a free Bally’s 3-month membership. Its awesome. Check it out!

  5. Queen Beth says:

    I’m sending you skinny thoughts!!! 🙂

  6. Elena says:

    I’m afraid that the dimensions of the blogger’s buttocks is directly proportional to the amount of time spent blogging – thus the syndrome know as blogger butt!!

    I know it well!!

  7. moe says:

    Chocolate bars are on sale for 25 cents this week! That’s 4 for 1$. I bought some… you know for my kids 😉 However, I have been going to a body shaping (weights) class twice a week and I LOVE IT well… when I’m done I love that I did it… except when I’m sore.

    I found you from the big yellow house. What part of Canada are you from? I just started a blog but, maybe I’ll have to give it up to lose my behind.

  8. HLH says:

    Hooray for goals- and good luck to you. I have a friend whose husband promised her a trip to HI, when she met her wieght loss goals. Maybe you and DYD should renegotiate 🙂

  9. HolyMama! says:

    I’m pretty new at this, and I was unaware of Blog Butt Syndrome. That is really bad news for my backside, because my blog addiction is even eclipsing my m&m addiction.

  10. Margaret says:

    Dance parties with little kids are the BEST! And just think of carrying them as your weights work-out along with the cardio…? My crazy dancing is between one hour of thesis-writing and another hour of thesis-writing – to maintain sanity. And, sadly, I have no little kids to dance with, so it is just me, a dancin’ foo in my dining room. Keep it up! You can do it!

  11. Carrie says:

    You really shouldn’t wait to start that dance class. Take one now, it will help you lose the weight in a fun way that you will look foward to. And, when I am enrolled in a dance class, I feel better about my body, no matter what shape i’m in. This in turn, makes it easier to keep up healthy habits. Just an idea. And if you are up for it, you should really try out a belly dancing class. It is great for your self-image, seriously!

  12. hey, maybe you could count picking up your daughter as “weight lifting”? i know i’ve gotten alot more buffed from lifting my boys!! 🙂

  13. My nephew started doing that Dance Revolution computer game and he lost all this weight and had fun doing it, too! Really, I think dancing and walking are about the best exercises you can do. But the eating part- that’s huge in trying to lose weight… that, I have no answers for…

  14. Heather says:

    Good luck, lady. I’m right there with you. You can do it!

  15. HangerMom says:

    I’ve been debating putting some sort of weight goal tracker on my blog, but I have a wierd thing where I’d be okay if it were only strangers seeing it, but I really don’t want my mom and grandma to know how much I weigh, and they read my blog. Lame, I know. But I love the dance class idea – I need to set a good goal for myself or I’ll never manage. Maybe Hawaii is better, though…

    My daughter is just starting to freak out on my when I sit down to blog. “Mommy, I just turn the ‘puter off now, okay?”. Sheesh.

  16. Sandra says:

    I think that it is great that you have a reward set for you. And dancing is also so much fun to do with your kids. We have the dance game for the xbox and I try to do it when my children are sleeping, but when they happen to be awake it is loads of fun for them to take turns with me. I of course stand behind them and help them (that can be our little secret). I am so proud of you for setting goals and that you have posted about it. I have a feeling that will help so much. Good Luck 🙂

  17. Dan Howard says:

    Play 52 card pickup with your kids, they’ll love it.

    For those who don’t know, you bend a deck of cards between your thumb and middle fingers, and explode the deck all over the living room.

    I second the Dance Revolution game.

  18. Bright One says:

    One great investment if you love to dance is Dance Dance Revolution for Playstation 2, it is a great fun workout and little kids love it too. I have been exercising 6 days a week for 5 years now, unfortunately as I get older I also need to eat less (which I haven’t done) but according to the doctor I’m very fit…heartwise. We have a home gym with a recumbent bike, a good quality treadmill, an eliptical and a weight station with those 4 things we can get in 45 minutes to an hour of circuit training every day (except Sunday) and it makes it easy. I get up an hour before everyone else and find it is a great start to my day. I do it before I do anything and my reward is the quiet time I have afterward to read my scriptures. Good Luck, you’re young and you can do it!!

  19. Asiili says:

    Hello All,

    I am new to this site but am already loving it.

    Could anyone kindly tell me what age of a normal child weighs 45 Ibs, that is the extra weight that I am now carrying on. ooooouch!!!

    Thank you.


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