Microwave Skeelz You Can Only Dream Of

It ain’t no thing. Don’t cry ner nothin’. My husband and I are just better at the microwave than you. You’re still a good person….most likely.

Lately I microwave everything for 90 seconds, regardless of what it is. I watch it while the rays burn holes through my brain and when the food is sufficiently bubbly or exploding, I take it out. I want to press clear on the key pad. I really do, but it doesn’t always happen.

micro“They” say you marry someone like your dad and maybe it’s true because this used to drive my dad nuts and now it drives Dan nuts as well. One afternoon he asked me with a smile, “Do you realize what time it is?”

Me: No. What time is it?
Dan: It’s “one” o’clock.
Me: No it’s not.
Dan: Yes – it is. That’s what the clock on the microwave says……”1”

“Why even bother to take the food out when there’s only 1 second left?” you might ask. I’ve thought about this and come to the conclusion that letting the microwave finish cooking the food and then beep is like giving away any role I had in the cooking process. If I take it out at 89 seconds, I have decided that 89 seconds is the perfect doneness for that food item after extensive research and brain-frying observation.

This quest for microwaving perfection should not be so very foreign to the DY Dad, considering he is the poster child for microwave OCD.

Dan does not like to stir and he also likes his food to be evenly heated to the perfect temperature. He normally covers his meal with wax paper, places it on a very low power level and cooks it for anywhere from 5-200 minutes. His food comes out magically warm all over and he never needs to lift a finger to stir. He always waits for the beep.

I’m not complaining about this skill. You know how recipes say to “soften” the butter first but you never do and then you have to bake something right away and don’t have time to watch butter come to room temperature for 2 hours. Dan can accomplish this with complex microwave calculations in under 10 minutes — without melting a drop of the butter. If you’d like his formula for this, you’ll have to ask him yourself.

redNow for something red. This is the soap of the godesses. If you use this soap, you become instantly irresistable. I feel unworthy to purchase this soap for myself but gave it to my monther-in-law as part of her Mother’s Day present last year. It is delicious and I wish you had a smell-o-vision computer like me so you could suck it in. Yummy!

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8 Responses to Microwave Skeelz You Can Only Dream Of

  1. blackbird says:

    The microwave skills I cannot touch.
    The scent of Votivo red currant, I know quite well.

  2. I don’t know votivo red currant! Where do you buy it?

  3. Moonface says:

    maybe i should take microwaving lessons from your hubby? everytime i heat up something, it either seems to spill over, dry up or leave a stain on the container.

  4. jak says:

    Ok where did you get that soap? Must have NOW!

    have a nice weekend my dear

  5. This place seems to have a good selection of Votivo stuff. I’ve seen them at lots of cute little ecclectic boutiques around Seattle too.

  6. Kelly says:

    Have I ever told you that the way you spell “skeelz” kills me?

  7. thank whoever for microwaves. I refused to buy one for years but then I had kids…

  8. DO Papa says:

    DY Dad is right. It should drive him nuts. I knew I like him!

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