Mad Cow Disease Has Subsided — Now Everyone’s a Comedian

Tonight is a date night. I have a babysitter coming at 8:00 and decided to get the kids down and asleep well before she comes. This involves keeping them up past their afternoon naps to get them to go down earlier tonight. In about 30 minutes.

So this whole afternoon our house has seen a serious case of Mad Cow Disease. Everyone has been mad and everyone has been having a cow (Yes, me too. Thanks for asking.).

Suddenly at dinner, Laylee turned sweet and hilarious and ate all the food on her plate. Magoo stopped screaming and started laughing for no reason.

Laylee says, “What do we eat for dinner?” (like she’s setting me up for a knock knock joke)
I say, “I don’t know. What?”
Laylee: FOOD! Bwa HA HA HA!
Me: That was a funny joke. You got any more?

So Laylee reaches way back to when she used to say, “Peek a Boo,” and Daddy would say, “Peek WHO’S BOO?” and she would laugh hysterically.

Me: Do you have any more jokes?
Laylee: Peek WHO’S BOO? (Hysterical laughter)
Me: Oh, that was a good one.
Laylee: Peek Magoo’s BOO? Peek Mommy’s BOO? Peek Laylee’s BOO? (Choking because she’s laughing so hard.)

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2 Responses to Mad Cow Disease Has Subsided — Now Everyone’s a Comedian

  1. Stephanie says:

    E came up with a game the other day called PEENA LLAMA. He ran around in circles saying PEENA LLAMA, PEENA LLAMA, and then fall down. He asked daddy if he wanted to play PEENA LLAMA, and daddy said, “How do you play?” He responded with “Peena Llama!”

  2. Pam says:

    Oh, I can see you having that conversation and I laugh laugh laugh. I think Joy runs in your family.

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