I am a Lactating Procrastinator

I think I will now title all my posts “I am [fill in the blank].” Yes, I like to put labels on people, most especially myself. I should not be writing this post at all right now. The very writing of this post is a symptom of what this post is about…..my procrastination.

Today is the first day of NANOWRIMO. I am supposed to be writing approximately 1.735 bazzillion words each day to achieve my goal and write a novel in one month. I have been counting down the days because I was not allowed to start until today. At this moment, my word count is 79, including chapter headings. Yep, I’m already losing this battle.

My fridge is very, very clean. See, I decided that I can’t start neglecting my family, wifely and housily duties to the extent necessary to complete my NANOWRIMO project unless I’ve made some progress in those areas first. This decision came as I sat down to write my first paragraph and became paralyzed with the fear. (I can’t write a book. I’m a crazy nutso looney-job who should check in to the cookoo bin. What was I thinking signing up to do this?)

I’m sure things will look up tomorrow.

Magoo is now (at 5 months) the same size and weight that Laylee was at 14 months, the age I weaned her from nursing. I plan to nurse him for at least 7 more months but can’t imagine how big he’ll get. Okay, I’m lying. I can imagine it and that’s what scares me.

7 months from now, this enormous toddler will be sitting on the couch with me sprawled across his lap, holding my breast in his hands and drinking to his heart’s content. Tonight he decided he would only eat sitting straight up on my lap facing me. Yep, that was fun.

NANOWRIMO COUNT: 79 words (If I had been writing my book instead of this post, it would be about 400.)

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5 Responses to I am a Lactating Procrastinator

  1. Heather says:

    I am WITH you! Mi amiga, it is you and I in this together. Watch me blog instead of write. It’s just TOO scary!

  2. blackbird says:

    see, now, there is just no way I would be attempting the whole capt. nemo thing.
    read 400 blogs a day? yep.
    write a novel in a month? nope.

  3. Mom says:

    As the queen of procrastinating anything I am scared of, or secretly don’t want to do; I feel fully qualified to empathize with you. I’ve known you for a long time and can say (with complete confidence) that you are amazing and talented and can do anything in the world that you want to. If you want to write that novel….
    “You go girl!” Once you get started, it will be easier – at least that’s what you always tell me when I’m putting off beginning something intimidating. And believe it or not, you’re always right about that.

  4. Adam says:

    hang in there. are ther going to be any spoilers about the book?

  5. How about….IT BITES? Is that a good spoiler? 🙂

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