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Discussing Disney Death with Two-Year-Olds

Laylee: Where’s Cinderella’s mommy? Me: She had to go away with Bambi’s mommy. Laylee: But where’s her daddy? Laylee: Oooooh, okay. (strangely enough, Laylee likes the part of Bambi where the mom gets offed. She says, “Oh, now’s when Bambi’s … Continue reading

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Mullets, Ghosts, Sumo and….A Shiny Person

Whilst wandering through the isles of Halloween treats this week, I spotted the perfect accessory for my shmoop, a sweet black-haired mullet wig. Yes folks, that’s right and since the wonderful holiday is only days away, it was 30% off. … Continue reading

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I am a Pancake Loser

All modesty shoved under the sofa, I think I’m a pretty great cook. However I don’t usually have the slightest desire to cook first thing in the morning. So, Laylee is addicted to cold cereal, scrambled eggs and toaster waffles. … Continue reading

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To Coin a New Phrase

The other day after I fed Magoo, Dan was trying to burp him. After quite a bit of pounding, Magoo let out a small “Urp” and smiled at Dan as if to say, “I’m done.” Dan would have none of … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tips – Getting Rid of Telemarketers

Okay. These people are driving me nuts. Since we bought our home, we’ve been inundated with telemarketing calls, especially those asking us to refinance our home. These started maybe 2 weeks after we signed our original mortgage. Sheesh! We also … Continue reading

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Move over Montessori — You don’t stand a chance!

Some friends and I decided to start a home school preschool co-op for our 2-3 year olds. Today was the big first day. We settled on doing a song, a story, a craft and a snack — all based around … Continue reading

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