Mullets, Ghosts, Sumo and….A Shiny Person

Whilst wandering through the isles of Halloween treats this week, I spotted the perfect accessory for my shmoop, a sweet black-haired mullet wig. Yes folks, that’s right and since the wonderful holiday is only days away, it was 30% off. 30% off of what, you may ask. But that doesn’t matter because it was on sale.

So right next to the frozen edamame in my cart goes the mullet (I actually don’t think it fell anywhere near the edamame since I hadn’t picked that up yet, but I’m trying to sound healthy, vegetarianish and chic. Is it working?)

When I told Danny about said mullet, he asked, “What am I supposed to be?”

“Why, a mullet of course.”

“What are you going to be for Halloween this year, Dan?” his programmer friends will ask him with giddy girlish excitement.

“A mullet.”

Iiiiiiiiii don’t know why that conversation seems so funny in my mind, but there you are. I once promised a group of his co-workers that I would bake for them every week for a year if any of them would grow a long, sweet mullet for me. Imagine my shock when they all refused. I am somewhat of a celebrity amongst the boys, most of whom are single and not accustomed to baking anything without the help of a doughboy.

halloween fam

Anyway, we decided to kick things up a notch and have him go as a mullet-wearing hockey player. I went as a Texas high school home-coming queen, really just an excuse to wear my massive mum (not seen in this picture). I had to remove the mum halfway through the party due to its massive size and weight. Then I just looked like a sparkly person with way too much makeup on. Laylee was a fab ghost and Magoo was a huge hit in his sumo suit.

And we may just call that a wrap on the Daring Young Family Halloween. Everyone backed their cars into the church parking lot and Laylee got to “Trunk-or-Treat” for more candy than she’ll ever be allowed to eat. For all she knows, tonight WAS Halloween. I may not dress them up again on Monday, except of course Dan who MUST WEAR THE MULLET to work.

Oh, and right before we left for the party, Laylee informed me that she no longer wanted to be a ghost. “I want to be an alligator like Ducky!”

So I gave her the same response she gets when she asks for something without saying please.

“Mommy, I want some juice.”

“That’s interesting.”

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12 Responses to Mullets, Ghosts, Sumo and….A Shiny Person

  1. blackbird says:

    did I KNOW that the baby was gonna be a sumo wrestler? cause that baby IS A DAMN FINE SUMO WRESTLER.

    I am doing all I can to resist discussing his wee butt. Cause that would be, you know, freaky –and it’s early in our relationship.
    You may not be ready for the freaky.

  2. Karen says:

    Where can I get a mullet for my hubby? He SOOOO needs a mullet to wear to wear to work on Monday.

  3. Karen says:

    ‘scuse the type-o. I haven’t had a full cup of coffee yet this morning.

  4. Adam says:

    i love you guys. He was so cute. where did you get the little tufy for Big-0’s head. C sure looked like the little angel kind of ghost.

  5. surcie says:

    I love “that’s interesting.” Hope you don’t mind if I use it. Also, the mullet is hysterical.

    When I was visiting my parents in NC, Dad told me he wanted to take me to a mullet festival. I’m sure you can imagine my disappointment at discovering that mullet is also a type of fish that people eat.

  6. Kelly says:

    The sumo wrestler costume is just awesome! Next year I employ your services in regard to my kids’ costumes! (I am so boring. This year Simon is gonna be “Woody” from Toy Story and Helene is going to be a witch.) I have no clue what I am going to be and Tyson wants to be “Dog” the bounty hunter. Our ward party is this Saturday and we are in charge (cuz we are the activities directors.) Any ideas for what I could go as would be great. (All my creative energy is currently being channeled into my new hobby!)
    *sorry this was so long… i really didn’t set out for it to be so.*

  7. Heather says:

    Super cute, amiga! Daniel looks SWEET! I’m glad that Oscar’s Sumo was a hit, and you were a great sparkly person.

  8. Karen – Mullet wig purchased at the Fred Meyer. I think you can get them just about anywhere. What reputable business does not sell mullets? Oh, and I think I reposted this 3 times b/c of typos.

    Kelly – will send ideas.

    Surcie – Am dying laughing. Please invite me to the mullet festival next year.

  9. Anna says:

    I read your bit about the endames and felt so unstylish since it seems everyone eats them but us. And then I read the next part and laughed:
    “I actually don’t think it fell anywhere near the edamame since I hadn’t picked that up yet, but I’m trying to sound healthy, vegetarianish and chic. Is it working?”

    So, yes, I guess it worked. At least, for me. 🙂

  10. bon says:

    waaaaay too cute! And congrats on the ghost suit for “C.” Probly not as spiffy as the fairy-thingy, but the room to be herself and make real choices? Priceless.

    Mom kudos

  11. Karen says:

    I must be a hick. Am I the only person who doesn’t know what “edamame” is?

  12. another mom says:

    Definition of edamame: Japanese term for fresh soybeans; also written eda mame. Whoopee, I thought of something to say! 🙂 You folks are so fun.

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