Okay, I’m laughing my guts out

Check this out. Be sure to read the reviews underneath. It hits pretty close to home since Laylee’s ticket was randomly selected for increased security checks on the way to our summer beach vacation this July. “Okay, honey. Please remove your shoes. Can you stand like a starfish while I wand and pat you down?” They had to go through EVERY piece of carry-on for our entire terrorist family. Why not just focus on the bad seed? I mean seriously. The two-year-old is obviously the one carrying on the narcotics and hand grenades. No, no. I’m glad to see you dismantling the breast pump, laptop, carseats, toy bag and mini-dvd station as well. I’m probably hiding a nail file in one of them. Also, thanks for asking me what the breast suction cup was used for. Doesn’t everyone feel safer now? 🙂

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