Hot Heat

hot heat2

It is stinkin’ hot here!


“forseattle,” she coughs into her hand.

In the Seattle area, we tend to worship the sun until we actually feel the sun and then we shrink and hide from it and ask each other “Why, why, WHY?!” while crying and dumping slurpees on our faces. When temperatures rise above 75, heat-induced whining takes over. Above 75 in Seattle is like below 65 in southern California. DISASTER!

It’s been in the high 80s the past several days and we don’t have AC and it just makes you want to start a nudist colony in a field of naturally-occurring free range ice cubes.

Unless you are my kids.

If you are my kids, you get home from church on Sunday and change into your fleece Christmas jammies before heading to choir.

hot heat

When I asked Magoo WHY HE WOULD DO SUCH A THING, while I mopped my melting flesh up off the sidewalk, he said, “I wore these so I wouldn’t have to use a blanket.”


In other news, we are having fun jumping on the trampoline with all the ice from the freezer. We also get to spend lots of time in our air conditioned car because hot dry season also means it’s time to slap down all new roads. Everywhere. At the same time.

Today we were driving to swimming lessons and Wanda shrieked, “MOM! MOM! It’s an INSTRUCTION PINECONE!”

You know? Those bright orange pinecones, used by instruction workers when they’re doing the yearly road changing.

I did not correct her.

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  1. Mother of the Wild Boys says:

    Oh my gosh, you make me laugh! 😀

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