Worst Haircut in the World

hair3Magoo’s hair had sprouted into this huge, massive muffin puff that could look cute and current, if every hair were arranged just so. BUT. If one hair were arranged not so? Bam. Street urchin.

So tonight I decided to de-urchinize him. I’d never done a real boys’ haircut with shears myself, or even a Pinocchio’s haircut. But still I pulled out the scissors. I was super nervous and he could smell my fear. The scent of my fear became the seed of his terror and he began to tremble exceedingly.

He did not want me touching his luscious locks, not even coming near them. And eeehhheeeheeee. Stop! The water spritzer tickled. And the scissors hurt his hair as I cut. Actual pain. Apparently, he is a mutant with living hair.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I won’t give you a mullet.” Although I wasn’t sure what I would give him. I was just cutting things and spritzing and cutting more things and combing like a hair stylist might do if she were in my kitchen of a Sunday evening.

“What’s a mullet?”

“It’s the worst haircut in the entire world.”

Without missing a beat, he grimaced and said, “You mean like Dad’s?”
“Please blog that,” was all Dan said as he left the room.

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10 Responses to Worst Haircut in the World

  1. Pam in Utah says:

    Personally I think they both look GREAT! Good job on the hair cuts! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I love the halo around their heads, as well. (That’s what it looks like on my computer, but then maybe it’s because I think they are both angelic.)

  2. Maria says:

    Hi – just found your blog through a link on the 71toes.com blog. Love it! I think Magoo’s hair looks great. Good job!

    One question, and I’m sure you’ve addressed this on your blog, but since I just got here…. How did you come up with Magoo’s name? It’s cool, and I’m sure it has a story.


  3. Sabrina says:

    Since I have a husband with the EXACT same haircut as Dan, I found this particularly funny.

    “Please blog that”.

  4. Jen T says:

    Just found your blog through your ‘drops of awesome,” from 71 toes and love it! I am LDS with 4 kids, and can so relate. I cut my kids’ hair. I took at class while attending BYU. It was the best money I ever spent on a class–has saved me so much since! 🙂

  5. Crystal says:

    My husbands hair is also just like Dan’s. For the first couple of years of our marriage my husband continued to have his mother cut his hair. Then I decided I should do it. Not long after I started cutting my husbands hair my brother asked me to cut his. I used the clipper on the sides and then I didn’t know what to do and said, “I am not sure how to cut hair when people have it on top of their head.” With three sons, I have since learned and I do well enough.

  6. Janet says:

    I’ve seen and experienced much worse haircuts from “professionals” though I think they got their certifications from KMart or something. My husband’s haircut is like Dan’s and our 27 year old isn’t far behind, poor guy. All the men in that family balded early.

  7. Shannon Martin says:

    That is the best non-professional little boys haircut I have ever seen! You did a great job!

  8. Heather says:

    Hahaha… I just randomly came across your blog. I love it. Hilarious. 🙂 …. still giggling. (p.s. the haircut looks great)

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