HTC Incredible – DROID

So I’ve been playing around with the Motorola Droid for a few weeks and I’m gonna share some thoughts on the experience soon. However, I’m first going to jump to the end and say that I LOVE the Droid.

I had all but decided to buy one when I found out that its hotter younger brother was coming to town April 29th so after much thought, consideration, reading rave reviews, plunking down $199, squealing, and stalking the UPS package online, I am pleased to announce that our new command center is safely home A DAY BEFORE RELEASE and charging happily on the windowsill. I’m not sure if you can see but he already has a Wanda fingerprint on his face. I’m sure he likes it. I hope he doesn’t catch her ear infection.

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I’ll be sure to let you know if it lives up to all the hype when I surface from the technological honeymoon.

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5 Responses to HTC Incredible – DROID

  1. Wow, a day after release. I’m pretty sure your lovely family can now conquer the world with that mobile 😀

    • Annemarie says:

      Yeah, my husband got his yesterday…..and I pretty much didn’t see him the rest of the night, besides him sending me messages via google chat from his new phone. Sigh…1 month until I can upgrade!

  2. grammy elin says:

    II’m so happy for you. Have a great few days in techie heaven then proceed to go forth and conquer the world.

  3. jenhafen says:

    Just cause I haven’t said it in awhile…you are such a clever girl and most hilarious too! How lucky your cute family is to have such a lovely Mum.

  4. korinthe says:

    Awesome! I was hoping you’d review the Incredible. I’ll be in the market for a new phone in a few months and I’ve never even had a phone with a camera much less a calendar and apps. Looking forward to your review.

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