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Being Fragile

Something happens to me after a baby is born. If you’re a mother, it’s probably happened to you too. I suddenly feel like the world around me is breakable, myself, my family made of shatter-resistant glass that’s fully capable of … Continue reading

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Fun with Modifiers

If “gentle babies” use “gentle baby wash,” what do “ferocious, violent ninja babies” use?

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What Mom Has

This is just one more reminder that I need to watch myself because although my kids will inevitably grow to have unique talents, personalities, and interests, they’ll have a lot more of Mom in them than any of us really … Continue reading

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Choices Choices

I just don’t want her to grow up feeling like she flipped the wrong page in her Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book when she was six and could never quite get to where she wanted to be. [Keep reading at]

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