Rules of Engagement

My kids were going to town fighting on the way to church this morning. Way to bring in the spirit of peace, love and joy! Go team! I’ve often heard cheerleaders yell, “Go! Fight! Win!” Maybe the kids were following that advice and thought they were on the road to some sort of championship, rather than cruisin’ for a you-know-what and a big fat dose of religion. Whatever they were thinking, I was learning a few things about how to hold your own in a fight with a sibling. This brings me to my first post on Sibling Rules of Engagement.

Rule #1 – If your sibling doesn’t agree with something you’ve said, just respond with, ” I wasn’t TALKING to you!” even if no one else is within earshot.

Rule #2 – If you don’t agree with something your sibling is saying, simply grab a stuffed animal, clutch it fiercely to your bosom and say, “Be QUIET! My baby is SLEEPING!”

We were late for church but not because of the fighting, more becuase of my lack of ability to ever estimate how long it will take me to get ready for anything ever. Did I say “ever”?

As we were walking into church, I reminded the kids to be really quiet becuase we were late, to which Magoo responded, “I LOVE it when we’re late because church is sooo long and bo-ring.” Yep. It was a great start to the day.

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9 Responses to Rules of Engagement

  1. Hahaha funny. Cannot wait to learn the other rules 🙂

  2. grammyelin says:

    Trust a child to say what they really think. Sorry about the long and boringing-ness, Magoo.

  3. Anna says:

    LOL – That is awesome. Glad you can see the humor in the situation instead of getting frustrated at the bickering. I like the ‘baby is sleeping’ one. Now I really do feel like I’ve had a great start to my day – with a good chuckle 🙂 Thanks for sharing these gems.

  4. Kork says:

    Oh, I am SO glad we aren’t the only household with bickering on the way to Church…someone once told me that children and Sunday mornings are enough to make you lose your religion, because there is always SOMETHING that makes you feel like losing your mind, and your temper as you head out the door for Church…

    I’m surprised that the “I’m older than you are, so I KNOW that what I say is right.” hasn’t come into play yet…let’s hope it never does!

  5. Caroline Dawes says:

    LOVE it! I found it so funny because some of my fondest memories of my brother and I growing up involve fights all the way to church, which were always reconciled as we pulled into the parking lot and both turned our frustrations to our parents for bringing us there–and now I work for the church?!

  6. Melessa says:

    My son has similar feelings about being late for church. He’s also fond of telling me that when he grows up he will keep loving God and Jesus, but maybe not go to church as much as we do now.

    My oldest daughter’s go-to insult when she and her brother were Laylee and Magoo’s age was “I’m not going to marry you when we grow up!” It always made my Dad laugh-he had three girls and we never threatened each other with that.

  7. “my lack of ability to ever estimate how long it will take me to get ready for anything ever.” If there were a genealogy chart for personality traits, I’m SURE you and I would be closely related.

  8. Keyona says:

    Can’t blame him for his honesty! Ha!

  9. Kristina says:

    My 3 YO son always tells his 6 YO sister – “That’s a bad word!” whenever she says ANYTHING he doesn’t want to hear!!

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