Which Brings Me to a Point



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  1. Carrie says:

    Love it! That reminds me of a line from Love Actually (the best movie)… “there was a lobster present at the birth of our Lord?” There are far too few stormtroopers in the original nativity story. Glad to see your family is improving on that 🙂

  2. allysha says:

    That is awesome.

  3. mommymel says:

    Looks like our little people set, but Bibendum (the Michelin man tire dude) attended.

  4. maggie says:

    Love this Kathryn. Must show husband!

  5. Allison says:


    Thanks, I needed that!

  6. Ashley says:

    Well someone has to sort out the wise men from the riff raff!

  7. elliespen says:

    Love it. It reminds me of this clip (one of the family favorites growing up!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGzQFYaUHSQ

  8. Mother of the Wild Boys says:

    Too too too funny!

  9. Erin says:


  10. Theresa says:

    Did my grandson come out to visit you???

  11. Ha, ha, ha! My husband would love that even more than my kids!

  12. Dahlia says:

    HAA HA I am so proud of your family

  13. Courtney says:

    That is great! You are so funny!

  14. Kork says:

    HA HA HA!!!! We have an entire fleet of vehicles – monster trucks, construction vehicles, race cars, dragsters – present at ours.

    Somehow, Captain Chaos has decided that Baby Jesus and “all his friends” needed some serious rides to and from that stable.

    Precious, and so worth the picture…

  15. Jess says:

    Hee hee. If Jesus had had a storm trooper, he probably wouldn’t have had to flee into Egypt…

  16. jaclyn says:

    Haha. My mom used to have a nativity set that came with the Abominable Snowman. Is that weird or what?

  17. megan says:

    I want a rifle here, and a rifle here. is that one of the big barrels? No. We can’t have the port-a-potties too far off the parade route.

  18. Chief says:

    Perfect! I love it and I bet Jesus is glad he’s there

  19. This is the best photo I’ve seen all week! No joke. Will be twitting coz it’s just priceless. 😀


  20. Heather says:

    I’m so happy inside, now!

  21. Paige says:

    Oh, so cute. I love what my kids do with the nativity set. Sometimes baby Jesus is right there with Lighting McQueen, or with Chewbaca.

  22. Okay, did you set that up, or did Wanda?


  23. nosurfgirl says:

    OH my word.

    I like the fact that the Stormtroopers have converted to Good instead of evil.

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  25. Carrie says:

    Ok…see, I couldn’t really see it in the dim restaurant lighting last night – this is hilarious!

    Loved seeing you again! And holding that precious little bundle of love, sigh. Sweet, sweet baby.

  26. Isabel says:

    I found the angel in our nativity carrying a gun last night. Hey, you have to protect the Baby Jesus any way you can!

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