Open Letter to Wanda

I am the soft home whose walls you snuggled up against and occasionally tried to claw through, with the loud laugh and the voice that went on and on almost without ceasing. I am everything that’s surrounded you for the majority of your life. I am your world as you’ve come to know it.

And now the world’s changed. [Read More at]

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7 Responses to Open Letter to Wanda

  1. cheetah says:

    First, she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO Cute. I could steal her from you if I wasn’t worried that you would chase me down and torture me.
    Second, that was hilarious and sweet at the same time. Only you daring, only you!!!!!

  2. Mother of the Wild Boys says:

    Truly touching letter DYM. I loved it!

  3. craftybynature says:

    Hey honey,
    You are so gifted with words and with being open and honest to life. I am glad you are feeling happy and I just wanted to tell you our baby monitor and your baby monitor are on the same channel or something , it really freaked us out b/c we heard these voices coming from ours & i thought no way can Linnea speak in this way, plus she was sleeping & we checked & sure enought the light was on in the kids room so it must have been Laylee & magoo. Missing you & hoping you are resting & enjoying your family time.

    Love Natasha

  4. Amy says:

    I’m a good friend of your brother-in-law Mike. He introduced me to your blog a couple months ago and I have enjoyed reading your posts. You whip up a great mix of laughs and reality and love. Congratulations on the birth of a healthy baby.

  5. Heather says:

    That was lovely. She is lovely… and you are amazing. I love you.

  6. Surcie says:

    Just stopping by to shout CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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