Sibling Water Torture – Summer Edition

This weekend Laylee and Magoo were playing with the hose in the back yard. They called it swimming because a largish sort of plastic dish was near them and water was being employed but basically they were just having fun soaking things and each other while standing on dry land.

At one point Laylee had control of the hose for about 5 minutes. She was standing a few feet from Magoo and whipping him in the face with the water stream repeatedly. I listened and periodically watched from the kitchen window. THWACK! AAAHHH LAYLEE STOP! THWACK! NOOOOO LAYLEE! THWACK! LAYLEEEEE NOOOOOOO!!!

Magoo stood there facing her, taking the beating again and again. He wasn’t so much yelling at Laylee as he was yelling her name at me, willing me to come out, throttle her and save him. I kept thinking, “Back up a couple of feet. Remove yourself from danger. You’re four now. Stand up and be a man.” But their repetitive little game of Torture and Victim continued until eventually I popped my head out the porch door.

She looked up guiltily as she saw my face, lowering the hose to waist level.

“Laylee. Do you think you could be kind to your brother?”

“Okay,” she said sweetly.

Magoo smiled as the water ran down his face for hopefully the last time. “Laylee, could you please fill my bucket up with water?”

“Sure Buddy,” she chirped, lowering the hose into his bucket and crouching down to smile at him.

Magoo only glanced at me for a split second with a toothy grin and raised eyebrows before standing and using his upward force to splurch Laylee in the face mercilessly with the bucket water.

As I closed the door I could hear her siren of misery being raised to the sky as she stood, mouth agape and eyes squeezed shut, the water cascading down her face and dripping from her hair.

Let the summer fun begin.

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13 Responses to Sibling Water Torture – Summer Edition

  1. Keyona says:

    Oh, I love it! Classic sibling love/hate playing.

  2. Dan says:

    This could be straight out of Calvin and Hobbes.

    I love this story. It’s one will that will be a “June rose in [my December].”. (James Barrie)

  3. Dan says:

    Magoo’s “splurch of revenge” is so funny because you know there isn’t a shred of malice in him. He doesn’t quite understand that if Laylee shouldn’t be splooshing him, he shouldn’t be splurching her, at least not enough to actually stop him from doing it right in front of his mom who basically just told Laylee not to do such a thing. It’s just good, clean fun to him.

    He’s such a cute little muffin head.

  4. Beck says:

    It is not even remotely close to summer here, yet, we’re still freezing at night.Nice, eh?
    This summer will be filled with fighting. I’m going to buy my kids Mexican wrestling masks and then charge the neighbours money to watch ’em shriek at each other ALL DAY.

  5. Love it. If this is what Laylee gets for being nice…watch out Magoo! 😀

  6. Yep. Perfect. You’ve managed to capture Summer in one post. 🙂

  7. We had a similar episode ourselves yesterday!

    Bring on summer!

  8. Allison says:

    We have a lot of Torture and Victim games going on at our house year round. Your kids would fit right in here. We need to be friends. I only live 3 hours from you. We could make it work.

    My favorite part of this whole episode is how Magoo grinned at you with upraised eyebrows before mercilessly splurching his sister in the face. Yep, they’d fit right in.

  9. allysha says:

    That is so sweetly funny.

  10. Meream says:

    Hahaha how fun! These are the kinds of posts they will love to read when they reach their teens. Hopefully, you’d still be blogging by then. 😀

  11. Jen says:

    I totally cracked up at this.

    May your summer be full of hilarious moments 🙂

  12. grammyelin says:

    Ah summer! It’s just like the agony and the ecstacy! Good luck with that!

  13. Pam in Utah says:

    Fun! I wanna “play” too!

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