Sleep of the Spoiled

IMAG0058The kids didn’t die on the Titanic but you couldn’t tell that to look at them on Sunday during church. Both of them fell asleep during the first hour of the meeting. Magoo was sitting bolt upright between my parents in his little bowtie, snoring with abandon.

Laylee had flung her body face-down across my lap with the statement, “It doesn’t hurt me when you rub my back.” I took that as an invitation and began rubbing back and forth in what was apparently a IMAG0059sleep-inducing rhythm because when the meeting was almost over, I pulled her upright and she flopped over coma-like into Grammy’s arms.

It’s been months since Magoo last fell asleep in church and years for Laylee. My parents joked that they must be the most boring grandparents on earth to cause both kids to conk out like that. I think it had more to do with over-stimulation, days of constant attention, gifts and activity and late nights spent staying up until it was dark enough for Papa’s glowing spinning psychedelic plastic flashlights to have maximum mind-bending effect.

I was practicing doing Laylee’s hair for her ballet recital and Magoo was wearing a bowtie in anticipation of his aunt’s upcoming wedding. They both kind of look like they passed out after the mini-prom. At any rate I was grateful for a camera with a silent shutter. Wouldn’t want to disturb their slumber… or you know… annoy the other church goers who were still able to pay attention over the sound of Magoo’s snores.


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13 Responses to Sleep of the Spoiled

  1. Sue Gir says:

    Oh the cuteness!!

  2. So cute. And the “mini-prom” reference was very funny.

  3. grammyelin says:

    And a fun time was had by all! It was great being with you, even if only long enough to “spoil and dash”!

  4. sangeeta says:

    Really cute photographs and interesting post. This reminds me of our trip to Kerela with my toddler. We had amazing fun, but whenever we used to climb on the boats, my son used to fall asleep almost instantly!

  5. Keyona says:

    You know those little engergizer bunnies have to charge their batteries at some point! (o:

  6. Katie in MA says:

    That looks like a magic grandma to me – I would keep her around! 🙂

    SUCH a cute picture!

  7. Nantie Meg says:

    I love snoring magoo. His snores are rhythmic, and soothing, unlike Grandma’s. (That’s my grandma, not GrammyElin). Grandma’s snores could wake the dead. and make anyone within earshot giggle, then reach for the earplugs.

  8. Meream says:

    They do look like they just came from prom! 😀 Very cute.

  9. nosurfgirl says:

    You need to give me some tips on the ballet recital thing. My daughter’s is coming up and I can’t do the bun worth beans!!! I’ve had it demonstrated and explained… please tell me there’s a simple, artful trick to it.

    • I wish I could show you. I had a friend show me but it’s really pretty easy. First get the hair WET. Then pull it into a high pony tail. Then take small segments and wrap them around a mascara tube or a brush handle. Slide them off gently and then pin each one down as you go, making a circular tube around the pony tail. Use more bobby pins than you think necessary. Spray it within an inch of its life.

  10. Nancy says:

    Ummmm…..why do you think we had to switch to the other side of the chapel this week? Maybe it had something to do with Magoo’s snoring keeping us from hearing the talks? 🙂

  11. I’ll need to ask our Bishop about looking into ordering those pews for our building…we don’t have anything NEARLY comfortable enough to fall asleep on (not that I’ve tried or anything!). 😉

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