GreenPan – Giveaway

6 Piece GreenPan Cookware High-resI’m holding a giveaway of a set of awesome GreenPans over at Seattle Mom Blogs.

They are the first line of cookware using a non-stick coating that’s free of toxic chemicals that can be released into your food and into the air. They can cook at temperatures up to 800F without releasing anything harmful. I find this awesome because not only do they meet my criteria for healthier cooking, but they’re also dishwasher safe, something that drives me nuts about my current non-stick cookware.

Head on over there and enter to win a 6-piece set.

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3 Responses to GreenPan – Giveaway

  1. How do you get these things to give away? Is there some type of agreement that you have to give them away? Did you get a set for yourself?

  2. Timothy Selig says:

    God bless our troops

  3. I did not get a set for myself. Accepting any free item over $25 for review on my blog goes against my BlogHerAds contract and basic blogging ethics. They contacted me and asked if I would talk about the pans and since I already knew of and liked the product, I said I would if they would give away a set to my readers. Of course they were happy to do it because it gives them great cheap advertising. I love giving stuff away. Now I have to save up and buy some of the pans myself!

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