Disneyland Vacation Tips

HELP! We’re planning what will possibly be the most magical week of our princess-obsessed lives. I know a lot of you have been to Disneyland recently and I’d love to hear your suggestions and tips to have the most fun possible for the most reasonable cost.

We plan to fly down and stay in a hotel.

We want to be in the park for 3 days.

We want our brains to explode all over the park with the joy of it.

We want to have enough money left in our bank account afterwards to buy food for the rest of the month once we get home.

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  1. Jenn says:

    If you are in it for the princesses, you have to eat a Ariel’s Grotto in California Adventure. They serve Lunch and Dinner. You will meet Ariel while checking in and take a picture with her and then while you are eating, 5 other princesses come around to take pictures and give autographs. My daughter LOVES it. We started taking her when she was 3 and everytime we go back, she always asks to eat at Ariel’s grotto. You get more one-on-one time with the princessses, compared to crowds of people elsewhere. The food is very good and worth the price the the experience. Make sure to make reservations well in advance. You can call the Disney Dining line and make reservations for any of the Disney resturants up to 60 days in advance. Well worth planning where you want to eat in advance. Ariel’s grotto is always booked. They do have standby seating, but they don’t guarantee you that you will get in.
    Hope you have a great trip. I have a lot of other tips. Just email me if you have any other questions. We have annual passes and have chilren 8,5,and 2.

  2. Amy says:

    I have been a million times in my life (family in San Diego).

    Thanksgiving is a great time to go (little early/late for that, but for future reference) – the beautiful Christmas decoration are up and it’s not super busy (a tad chilly, plan accordingly)

    Also, Super Bowl Sunday is the day to go (I think the Lord would understand that one day…). It’s empty.

    Snack are a must.

    Fast pass – Go get a ticket for a ride, return at a specific time and skip all most all the lines. Great, great way to go about it. (I’m not sure if the kiddy rides have this – I know the more adult ones do)

    If you get there when it opens, start at the back. The stuff near the front will be packed (get a fast pass for those).

  3. Jill says:

    Just got back yesterday. Unofficial guide was SO helpful.
    1. Get there before the park opens – DCA was supposed to open at 10 – we got in Presidents Day at 9:30 and walked (well walked fast) straight on to Soaring over California (the only ride we all went on twice) DCA isn’t as crowded and this tactic worked great for us.

    2. We used Anaheim Resort Transit – sometimes it was a pain in the butt waiting for the shuttle but we were SO glad we didn’t have a car. We stayed at Marriot Suites – one room for kids one for us. Fridge in room – Red Robin, Outback, and Joe’s Crab shack in the parking lot – Starbucks in the lobby. Across the street from Target. (Oh, we flew Alaska into Ontario and super shuttled to the hotel – we used a booking company – I can’t recommend ours in particular but they gave us some bonuses we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise)

    3.We had the 4 year old walk the first day but got a stroller from the park next 2 days ($10 a day).

    4. As many have said afternoon naps were really important for us all. Fireworks were at 9:25 one night – way after the kids normal bed times.

    5. we did the princess breakfast in DCA and it was totally worth it.

    Email me if you have any other things I might help with. I’ll send you a link when I get pictures uploaded….

  4. Emi says:

    Also, Super Bowl Sunday is the day to go (I think the Lord would understand that one day…). It’s empty.

    Um… I live in Anaheim, and whenever I go on Super Bowl Sunday, it’s PACKED!!! I guess everyone else stole that idea or something, because it’s never been empty when I’ve gone.

    • Jer says:


      Superbowl Sunday is coming up again soon and I’m sure we’ll see the tip again but you’re so right… the park is packed that day and most any other “big game day”. I guess everyone figures it will be empty or maybe it’s just all the people who don’t like football. Either way I say never go on a holiday weekend and the superbowl counts for that too.

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