He Thinks He’s a Dide-O-Swear and I Love Quinoa

Magoo is growling it up and I’m telling all over at Parenting.

Do you know how cute it is when a 2 and 4-year-old beg for quinoa? It’s way cuter than when they beg for cookies. WAY cuter. If you don’t make quinoa, you really should give it a try.

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7 Responses to He Thinks He’s a Dide-O-Swear and I Love Quinoa

  1. Alison says:

    I’m not really a fan of quinoa, but from all the fuss I’ve concluded I must be preparing it wrong – I always found it a bit bland. It is pretty to look at though – those delicate little spirals. Do you have any quinoa prep suggestions as I’m always up for retry!

    My daughter cracks me up when she begs for sushi (california rolls). Sometimes I wonder how life has changed since I was a kid!!

  2. Just a warning for those quinoa-lovers still in the high chair stage… My daughter loved quinoa, but let me tell ya something – quinoa is almost *impossible* to clean up. I think you just have to wait for it to harden after a day or two and then vacuum up.

  3. Terina says:

    i have a great quinoa lasagna recipe i got from my sister. my kids eat it up, and so does my husband and dad. my best friend has a little boy that has celiac, and her boys love it too. they actually have quinoa cookbooks on amazon. just put in quinoa and it should be one of the listings. if you want my recipe, let me know. i posted it a while ago, and i can find you the link. i’ve been reading, and i’m delurking….:)

  4. Cheetah says:

    oh my word. I can’t believe you love it too!!!!! Allrecipes.com has some good recipes for it. I am just giddy over this!

  5. nan says:

    Okay, maybe I should check out some more recipes. My kids love all KINDS of food, whole grains, weird stuff, but when they dug into Quinoa they all said “ICK! BLEAH! PWEAUR!” I tried a different recipe a few weeks later and got the same reaction. What on earth am I doing wrong? I like it, it’s so pretty!

  6. Goslyn says:

    I had a love affair with Quinoa a few years ago, when we lived near a Whole Foods Market and could get it easily. Our amazing Wegman’s carries it here too, but I’d kind of forgotten about it, until you mentioned it. Putting it back on the grocery list…

  7. sarah k. says:

    My kids love quinoa, but they call it rice. Just like all the other grains I surreptitiously add to their repertoire. Also like how they call any animal flesh “chicken.” I’m not lying. Actually, they usually call any fish “salmon.”

    I was a little surprised at first that my kids liked the quinoa. But not as surprised as I was when my 15 month old girl ate nearly 2 pounds of roasted Brussels sprouts. I hate them. They taste like vomit. My baby girl, though, she devoured them. She also loved the red lentil curry I made the other night. Didn’t you tell me once about how your mom ate a lot of curry while she was pregnant with you, so you loved spicy things as a wee lass? Or was that someone else?

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