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Two Loves

Dan is the love of my life. Today I pay tribute to the love of my inner neat freak. [read more]

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Problem Solved

I have a problem. Every 10 or 12 years, I prepare and serve a platter of festive deviled eggs. Periodically, I’d say at least one of every two times I make them every 10 or 12 years, one or two … Continue reading

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Setting Fire to All That’s Precious

Does your kid have special things? A duck? A blanket? An infinitesimally miniscule bracelet that is of mind-boggling importance to her little preschool world? Sometimes, when you’re visiting Daddy at the maze of a complex that we call MEGACORP for … Continue reading

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Hunks of Chicken at a Stoplight

It was THAT kind of day, the kind of day when dinner rolls around and you’re returning dishes to Linens and Things, dishes you bought earlier THAT day, while your Costco rotisserie chicken gets cold on the front seat of … Continue reading

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It’s Hunting Season in Care-a-Lot

Have you got all your gear together yet?

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A Mother Is

A mother is someone whose phone call you can answer unembarrassed even though Vanilla Ice is blasting on your stereo while your kids dance around like maniacs in the background.

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