Going Crazy

Things are pretty crazy here and there’s no real reason why. I need to do some shifting and reorganizing and maybe think about exercising a teensy bit of self control and time management. Maybe I need the Fly Lady. Maybe I need Lara. (Does anyone know what’s happened to the Lazy Organizer? Her site’s down all the time.) Maybe I just need to go to bed.[read more at parenting.com]

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3 Responses to Going Crazy

  1. Andrea says:

    Maybe this is kinda sad, but Fly Lady taught me everything I know about cleaning my house. My mother taught me at one time, but I forgot everything between the time I moved out of her house and the time I got married. So…yeah. Fly Lady’s good.

    That said, I don’t do everything Fly Lady says, either.

  2. Ahhh, you missed me? I would be perfectly willing to look at your list and cross out half of it for you if you’ll do the same thing for me. Deal?

  3. Julie P says:

    I highly recommend Motivated Moms. Sure it costs ($8/yr) instead of being free like the FlyLady, but it’s sane and won’t drive you up the wall. 🙂

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